How to Change Parental Controls on Xbox Series X

To change parental controls on Xbox Series X, go to “Settings” and select “Account.” From there, choose “Family settings” and enter your password to access and modify parental controls.

With these simple steps, you can adjust the settings to ensure your child has a safe and appropriate gaming experience on their Xbox Series X console. The Xbox Series X is a popular gaming console that offers a variety of games and entertainment options.

With the rise of online gaming, it’s important for parents to have the ability to control their child’s gaming experience. Parental controls on the Xbox Series X allow parents to limit screen time, restrict access to certain types of content, and set age-appropriate limits. It’s important to know how to change these settings in order to keep your child safe while they enjoy their gaming experience. We will discuss how to change parental controls on the Xbox Series X in a few simple steps.

How to Change Parental Controls on Xbox Series X


Accessing The Xbox Family Settings App

To change parental controls on your Xbox Series X, you need to access the Xbox Family Settings App. The easiest way to find the app on your console is to use the search feature by pressing the Xbox button on your controller and typing “Family Settings”. Alternatively, you can access the app through the mobile app by logging into your Xbox account and selecting “Settings” and then “Family”. You can then manage your family group and customize the parental controls for each member.

Control options Description
Screen time limits Set daily or weekly limits on screen time for each member and choose specific days and times when they can use the console.
Content filters Restrict access to games, apps, and websites based on age appropriateness or content ratings.
Privacy settings Customize privacy settings for each member, such as who can see their online status and what information is shared with others.

By following these steps and utilizing the different control options available, you can create a safe and enjoyable gaming experience for your family on Xbox Series X.

Changing Parental Controls Through The App

To change parental controls on Xbox Series X, you can use the mobile app that connects to your console. Here are a few steps to perform:

Setting Up Screen Time Limits

You can control how long your child can play on the Xbox. Set screen time limits per day or per week for each child account. Decide how much time they can spend per day or per week. The Xbox app notifies your child when they’re running out of time.

Restricting Access To Certain Games And Apps

You can block games and apps that aren’t appropriate for your child’s age. Xbox Series X has parental controls that automatically block explicit games and apps for kids under 18. Parents can also block specific games and apps manually. Choose the content your child can access based on the age rating system.

Blocking Specific Websites And Online Interactions

You can also block specific websites and online interactions. Set controls to allow or block communication with other players over text, voice, or video. Hide your child’s real name and game activity from strangers. Protect your child from unwanted online interactions.

Managing Accounts And Privacy Settings

You can manage your child’s Xbox accounts and privacy settings. Add or remove child accounts to the family group. Change their account settings, such as gamertag, profile picture, and online status. Decide which friends they can play with, and who can see their game clips and screenshots.

Creating A Passkey

A passkey is a four to six-digit code that allows you to approve purchases, content restrictions and sign-in on Xbox Series X. To set up a passkey:

  1. Head to Settings from the Xbox homepage.
  2. Select Account & sign-in and then Sign-in, security & passkey from the sidebar.
  3. Next, select Create my passkey.
  4. Enter your passkey and then confirm it by entering it again.
  5. Select an appropriate passkey strength from Moderate, Strong, or Strongest.
  6. Finally, choose whether to require the passkey sign-in for app purchases or for All Purchases.

Why You Should Create A Passkey

Creating a passkey is an essential part of Xbox Series X’s parental control measures. It gives you control over who can access your content, especially when you allow others to use your device. A passkey protects against accidental or unauthorized purchase. So, setting it up helps prevent unexpected credit card charges and protects minors from viewing restricted content.

How to Change Parental Controls on Xbox Series X


Troubleshooting Parental Control Issues

If you’re having trouble with parental controls on your Xbox Series X, don’t worry. Here are some solutions:

Forgot Passkey? Here’s How To Reset It

If you forget your passkey, you can reset it by following these steps:

  1. In the Xbox guide, go to settings.
  2. Select “Account” and then “Sign-in, security & passkey.”
  3. Choose “Change my sign-in & security preferences.”
  4. Enter your Microsoft account password.
  5. Choose “Forgot my passkey.”
  6. Follow the prompts to reset your passkey.

Can’t Download Or Access An App? Adjust The Filter Level

If you’re having trouble downloading or accessing apps, it may be because the filter level is too high. Here’s how to adjust it:

  1. Go to settings, then select “Account” and “Family settings.”
  2. Enter your Microsoft account information and choose the child account that you want to update.
  3. Select “Content restrictions” and then choose “Apps, games & media.”
  4. Select “Allow” for the appropriate age rating.
  5. Save your changes.

How to Change Parental Controls on Xbox Series X



Changing parental controls on Xbox Series X is a straightforward process that can be completed in just a few steps. By following the steps outlined you can gain control over the content that your children can access on their gaming console.

It’s essential to take time to set up parental controls to ensure your child’s safety and prevent them from accessing inappropriate content. Stay vigilant and enjoy a safer gaming experience for your family.

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