How to Eject Disc on Xbox Series X

To eject a disc on Xbox Series X, simply press the eject button on the front of the console. The Xbox Series X, Microsoft’s latest gaming console, offers players an exceptional gaming experience with its 4K resolution, high frame rates, and quick load times.

One of the most common actions performed by users is ejecting a disc when it’s no longer needed. While the process of disc ejection on the Xbox Series X is straightforward, some gamers might still be wondering about the specific steps involved.

This article will provide a concise guide on how to eject a disc from your Xbox Series X with a click of a button. With this information, you can now focus on enjoying your favourite games without having to worry about removing the disc.

How to Eject Disc on Xbox Series X


Locating The Eject Button

Locating the eject button on your Xbox Series X console is a hassle-free process. The power button and the eject button are positioned on the front of the console. However, if you are unable to identify your Xbox Series X console, you need to look for a black rectangle that is the width of your console. You will also find the eject button on the panel with the console’s branding logo. Once located, press the eject button, and the disk tray will slide open to reveal the disk.

Ejecting The Disc Using The Controller

If you want to eject a disc on Xbox Series X, you can do it using the controller easily. To eject a disc, you just need to press the eject button on the controller. The eject button is located at the top section of the controller, close to the middle. To find the button, you need to look at the top of the controller and check for the small rectangular button. To press the eject button, use your index finger and gently push it, and the disc should pop out momentarily.

If the button is not working or you’re facing difficulty finding the button, you can try pressing the Xbox button on the controller. This will take you to the home screen, and from there you should see an eject button beside the game you’re currently playing. Alternatively, you can eject the disc through your voice command. You can say “Hey Cortana, eject the disc” or “Hey Siri, eject the disc” based on the voice assistant you have set up on your Xbox Series X system.

Ejecting The Disc Using Voice Commands

Ejecting a disc on Xbox Series X can be easily done by using voice commands. To use this feature, one must first set up the Xbox console for voice commands. Simply say “Hey Cortana” or “Xbox” to access the home screen and navigate to “Settings”. Under the “Devices & accessories” tab, select “Xbox Assist” and follow the instructions. Once set up, ejecting a disc can be done by saying “Hey Cortana eject disc” or “Xbox eject disc”. The console will then eject the disc. This feature provides an easy and convenient way to eject the disc without needing to physically interact with the console.

Steps: Voice Commands:
Access “Settings” “Hey Cortana”
Select “Devices & accessories” “Xbox”
Choose “Xbox Assist” “Hey Cortana eject disc”
Follow instructions on the screen “Xbox eject disc”
How to Eject Disc on Xbox Series X


Ejecting The Disc Using Physical Buttons

Ejecting a disc on the Xbox Series X is a straightforward process. The console comes with a physical eject button located on the front of the device. To use the eject button, press and hold it down for a few seconds until the disc tray pops open. Once the disc tray is open, you can remove the disc by gently pulling it out of the tray.

How to Eject Disc on Xbox Series X



To sum up, ejecting a disc on Xbox Series X is a simple and easy process. By following these steps, you can avoid any issues and ensure a smooth gaming experience. Remember to be gentle when handling the disc and keep the console in a well-ventilated area.

These small precautions can go a long way in prolonging the life of your console and maintaining optimal performance. With these tips, you can enjoy your favorite games hassle-free on Xbox Series X.

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