A Complete iPhone X Review You Must Know

A Complete iPhone X Review You Must Know

Apple always tries to add some innovations while delivering its products. This time, iPhone X is not an exception.

The device arrives with a special and sleek design for the users. Changing the overall outlook was a risky move for Apple, indeed. In fact, iPhone users are going to experience something new and special.

But it may not be suitable for everyone as well. Mostly, iPhone users are habituated to pressing the home button. But that is missing here! Alternatively, you are getting a strong battery backup and more.

This is a phone that is close to perfection. And Apple takes pride in it.

Want to know more? Check this complete review and the right ideas. Hopefully, it will help you know the phone more and grab one of the devices.

Metal rim

The first thing that will hold your attention is the metal rim. No wonder, it is one of the most prominent features of this device. The application of the metal rim has added a special value to the phone. Also, the phone gets a distinctive look from other mates of the same brand.

Fresh unlocking system

At the same time, the phone arrives with an extraordinary unlocking system. The touch ID is absent in this version. But you will get the face ID. It’s the latest addition to the fleet of Apple. Using the feature, you can unlock your device. Now, you do not need to press and hold the touch ID.

The facial recognition system replaces the age-long touch ID system. And you can easily set up facial recognition. The device needs to see your eyes. Even in dark, the phone can detect the eyes of the users. In other words, the system is flawless and takes less than a second to unlock the phone.

Available in two storage capacities 

The device is available in two storage capacities. The first one is 64GB and the second one is 256GB. This is a great opportunity for users to store their data, music, documents, photos, apps, and more.

Despite being a pricey iDevice, all your frustrations will vanish once you start using the phone. The storage capacity is perfect and never slows down the phone. The other phones are unable to take the huge load.

And thus, they turn slower once the storages are full in capacity. But there are no such issues with iPhone X. It works fine even when the storage is fully loaded.

Vibrant screen and display

While reviewing, we did not miss the screen features of the iPhone X. It arrives with a clear and vibrant screen. The colors look too lively on the screen that you will fall in love immediately with the phone. The screen blazes when it is on and that will hold your attention.

Besides, iPhone X has a 5.8-inch OLED display. It is one of the best things that Apple has always been looking for assembling into its iPhone. The screen is longer and marginally larger than the other devices of the brand. However, the screen is not wider in comparison to its height.

Because of the OLED technology, everything on the phone looks impressive. No matter if you take a snap or enjoy a music video or video content, everything will appear better. In other words, it’s incredible.

Besides, the bezel-less display is another premium feature of the phone. As a result, you will have a premium feel when you touch the screen. And there will be no accidental touches on the screen. In fact, the screen design will prevent accidental touch from the users.

Animoji in iPhone X

Another funny aspect is the use of Animoji. In other words, it’s a type of emoji that helps you get the look of a robot, dog, or cat. Also, you can be a talking unicorn.

Though this is not a deal-breaker feature, it can bring your inner peace. Using the feature, you can perform lots of fun. The phone enables you to create different emojis using your face. So, why don’t you turn into a robot or a unicorn? Use the iPhone X and have fun all day round.

Efficient in Gaming

It’s great information for gamers that they would be able to play a wide range of games. iPhone X arrives with a strong processor and other relevant features for gaming. Earlier, the gaming experience was not that satisfactory. But with this flagship phone, gamers will have a smooth and effortless experience while playing any type of game.

AR gaming is also available using iPhone X. The screen of the device has been optimized specially for AR gaming. While playing the games, the gamers will have a real thrill. Thus, the users can enjoy such gaming content.

A blend of past and latest

Right after taking the phone in your palm, you will realize that it is a blend of the past and the latest invention of Apple. Feel the weight, look at the construction, the little bezel, and the glass in the back part – all are premium. Also, the shape is a bit rounded which brings the feel of handling the old iPhone like the iPhone 3G.

Though it feels like you are holding an old phone, the performance is beyond description. The phone will render the best smartphone user experience to the users.

Sturdy device

The other striking aspect is the durability of the device. However, almost all Apple phones are sturdy. This iPhone X gets something more in its features. First of all, it has a weighty steel rim. So, the curbed glasses fit in the body more than perfectly.

On the other part, this is a waterproof device. Being a water-resistance device, you are free to use it even during foul weather. Or when it rains. Also, you need not worry if the phone drowns or falls in waterfalls. You can pick the device up and wipe the water from the body. The phone will work fine.

A version of the iPhone X arrives with a polished stainless steel band. As a result, the phone looks glittering. Moreover, for the vapor deposition, the color of the steel on the phone will never peel out or turn pale. Because the color is in the metal. It is not painted on the body like the other phones.

Enhanced speakers 

Sounds from iPhone X will amaze you. Though the speakers throw the sound downwards, you can easily hear them. Even if you enjoy audio or video content, there are no issues at all.

While using a loudspeaker for voice calls, the speakers work perfectly. And the sound travels a long distance as well, in consideration of a cell phone.

There is no speaker crackling. No such incidents have been reported so far. If you run the phone wild, the model still will perform the same as it was in the beginning.

No performance downgrade is found with iPhone X, especially with the speakers. You can use the phone at full volume to listen to music or enjoy a movie without headphones.

Check the camera

At this age, it is unnecessary to carry a large camera when you have an iPhone X. Both the front and back cameras of this device are wonderful. If you are a professional photographer or an amateur, you can have the best clicks of your life using the iPhone X lens.

Regardless of the environment like low lighting conditions, gloomy weather, or nighttime, the front and rear cameras work fine. Though they are not the best, they can meet your hunger for photography.

The camera of the iPhone X has an array of 12MP sensors. Consequently, you can take pictures having zooms without any distortions. Also, you can have a depth perception of any specific scene. Besides, the camera has an f/2.4 aperture.

When you want to have some selfies, you need the front camera. And you will love the 7MP front camera for its optimum level of performance. Being a TrueDepth camera, it is possible to take selfies flawlessly.

What about the battery?

Well. Battery undoubtedly plays the most important role. And charging the battery is another crucial factor. You need proper voltage and charging accessories for the battery. Otherwise, your battery will drain faster and you cannot have the best use of your phone.

But the entire battery and charging unit of the iPhone X are special. For ideal charging, you can use the wireless charger. Besides, if you use the battery performance feature of the phone, the battery will last for a long time. It takes over two hours for a complete charge from a dead state.

Now, the battery size of this iDevice is a bit larger. It is now 2716mAh. So, it is relatively larger than the one used in iPhone 8 plus. So, the phone gets power from a larger unit and thus you can enjoy uninterrupted service.

Several hardcore tests have found the battery can perform up to 12 hours after a complete charge. But during this time, the phone underwent some heavy-duty activities.

The activities include watching HD movies, listening to music and videos from YouTube, using the phone as a hotspot, testing the other functions of the phone, and many more – without using Power Saver mode.

Last note

It was all about the iPhone X. Of course, Apple manufactures the best products. But they are pricier. But those who entered into the ecosystem of the iPhone will be in love with iPhone X at first sight. You cannot leave the phone once you see it.

The design, performance, and overall outlook have been improved. Taking lessons from the past, this time Apple has applied all the earned knowledge to improve the phone. Hence, the experience of using the iPhone X is always comfortable and satisfactory.

The camera, the tough powering unit (battery), the enhanced cheap set, storage capacities – everything is up to the mark.

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