How to find out when you made your Twitter?

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Hope you all were waiting for my next post. Here I am with a new post on how to find out when you made your Twitter.

I guess almost all of my readers have their respective Twitter accounts. This is a helpful platform and allows users to do lots of things. And you may feel interested to know exactly when you started using this platform.

Don’t worry. This post will have all the necessary and relevant information. Go through the entire post and you will know the details. Also, I have added some interesting facts that you didn’t notice before.

A brief on Twitter

Twitter is basically a social networking website. The users need to register themselves to open an account.

There are some basic differences between Twitter and other social platforms. Twitter is mostly a microblogging site. You need to finish your thoughts and ideas within a character limit. But you can post images or short videos, as well.

The history of Twitter dates back to 2006 and the massive uplift of this platform happened after 2010. The number of tweets started increasing every day.

Unofficial estimates say more than 400 million users are active on Twitter just at the moment when you are reading this post.

Why do people use Twitter?

Now, Twitter is one of the leading social networking platforms. In fact, it is more effective to some point than usual social networking platforms. But people are using the platform for two main purposes.

First, they want to spread the message quickly, and second – they use it for their business purposes. The platform can serve both purposes perfectly.

You can spread a message instantly through this platform. And it also plays the role of promoting your business. You can advertise your services and products for free of cost on this platform.

How to find out when you made your Twitter?

We are at the core of this post. Here, I will explain how you can know the matter. You need to follow three steps to know this. Check the steps here.

Step 1

Get a software

Despite being an online platform, Twitter does not allow users to check the date when they started their journey. Therefore, you need to get third-party software to know this.

Remember, you need to download the software or browser extension for this purpose. Chrome browser users, have to install an extension named “Born for Twitter”. The extension will show you the date when you started your Twitter.

And those who are using other browsers need to use a website named “When Did You Join Twitter.”

Step 2

Open the Twitter page

I assume you have installed the extension on your Chrome browser. Now, launch Twitter on the browser.

However, if you are unable to add the extension, you need to download it from the Chrome store. Search for the extension and install it on the browser. It will take less than a minute to complete the entire task.

Step 3

Go to your Twitter profile

After launching the platform, go to your profile section. The extension will show the date when you created the profile.

It’s that simple, indeed!

The alternative

This portion is for those who are not using the Chrome browser. So, if you aren’t a Chrome lover, launch any browser. Then move to this website – When Did You Join Twitter? Type the name and it will lead you to the destination.

After landing on the webpage, put your name in the box. You will find it in the top section of the page. Next, click on the Find Out option and it will show the date of your account.

This is also a simple process.

Why you should have a Twitter account?

Yes, this is a valid question – why do you need a Twitter account? The answer isn’t simple. A good number of factors are interrelated here. I have explained a couple of them here.

A quick sharing

The first and most important aspect of Twitter is quick sharing. You can share the major incidents of life and around instantly. Write down a couple of lines and attach a photo. Now, the content is ready to share.

It allows you to share your observations or wisdom. Also, you can share any link of news or happenings around. The item will reach others in a short span of time.

An amazing network

Secondly, Twitter can build an amazing network of people, professionals, and communities. In fact, when you follow someone, they also start to follow you. In this way, the interaction increases by tweeting and retweeting.

Finally, you get a network that can be highly beneficial for you and the others in the network.

Expands your knowledge

Also, Twitter helps to expand your knowledge and improves your IQ level. When you see all the elements, you get to know them. Clicking each of the links offers you a new window of knowledge. Unless you read more, you will be in the same position.

So, reading more will help you gather more knowledge and develop newer ideas in your mind.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I do to use Twitter?

Well. Using Twitter is very simple. Even if you lack the technical know-how, you are able to use it. The first thing is to have an email account for registration.

You need to provide the necessary information including the email to get registered. Once you are registered, you can use the platform using your name and photo.

However, you need to have an active internet connection, a smartphone, or a personal computer.

Are tweets editable? 

Tweets are not editable once they are posted. If you post something on your profile, that will be termed as a tweet. But once the tweet is made public, you cannot edit that.

Therefore, before you post any tweet, make sure that is smart, standard, and does not violate any Twitter policies. However, you can remove or delete the tweet anytime you want.

What words are not allowed on Twitter?

Twitter always tries to keep the platform free from troubles. So, it has set some set of rules and as a user, you are to follow those strictly.

Twitter will suspend your account if you use slang or words related to killing, suicide, or murder. So, remain aware of the words and avoid using them.

Does Twitter delete inactive accounts?

Yes, Twitter removes inactive accounts. Therefore, you need to be active on this platform. The authorities will remove the account if there are no activities in a period of six months.

It is wise to login into the account as frequently as you can.

Can I reactivate my inactive Twitter account?

Sure, you can do that. But for reactivating, you have to login into the account again. Launch the app on your phone or visit the website. Provide necessary credentials.

Twitter will ask for confirmation that you want to reactivate the account. Confirm it. Once you confirm, you will be taken to your home page.

End note

So, it was all today. I have shared two ways how to find out when you made your Twitter. Perhaps they will help to know yours.

However, if still you are in trouble, get my personal support. Write down a line in the comment section, I will get back to you. Also, you can share my post on your timeline or can tweet it. I will appreciate that.

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