How to connect a ps4 controller to a kindle fire?

What is Kindle Fire?

I was wondering share how to connect a ps4 controller to a kindle fire. Why? Because it renders an exclusive experience to the users. In fact, the use of a PS4 controller is not limited to gaming alone. Anyone can use the controller for many more purposes if they have the know-how. So, I have … Read more

How do I delete a message in GroupMe?

How do you delete a message in GroupMe?

Deleting messages in GroupMe is pretty simple. You need to select the message you want to delete. And then tap on the message. Or you can click on the three dots. They are located next to the message. Select the Delete option. And then click again on the Delete option. The message will be deleted. … Read more

How to re listen to a phone call?

Why telephonic communication?

Renowned novelist Ernest Hemingway said – When people talk listen completely. Most people never listen. He was true in all senses. In fact, we all want to express ourselves. We talk to people without listening. And thus, many of us want to know how to re-listen to a phone call. This is a natural human … Read more

How to block an IP address on Tumblr?

What is Tumblr?

Do you really know why people use social platforms? The key reason is to share their thoughts and emotions. So, they share photos, texts, music, or their favorite links across the platforms. However, many of them are ignorant about security issues. For instance, if you are using Tumblr, you must know the security threats and … Read more

How to cancel picture mushroom app?

How to cancel the picture mushroom app?

So, you love photography. Particularly you are interested in mushrooms and want to know their variety, right? But at times, it is a troublesome job. So, you need to delete the app that gets the photos. By the way, do you know how to cancel the picture mushroom app? No wonder many of the users … Read more

Can I See Who Viewed My Videos?

To some extent, this is possible to know who saw your videos on Facebook when you are having a live broadcast. During the broadcast, you can see who is watching your video. But once the live streaming is over, you can see only the number of people who viewed the video, not the profiles. Facebook … Read more

How to find pending posts on Facebook group?

How to see a Facebook group post?

Facebook! A platform that serves almost everyone. One of the wonders of this modern age. And it has a number of benefits. Most people use this social platform for communicating with others. It also serves as a mode of long-distance communication. However, this post will explain how to find pending posts on the Facebook group. … Read more