How to transfer golf clash to new phone?

“The most important shot in golf is the next one.”

Indeed, it is the most impressive quote for keen golfers. But what if you lack the opportunity to play it on the ground?

You have an alternative. You can play Golf Clash, instead.

However, do you know how to transfer golf clash to a new phone? In fact, you will need a smartphone to play this game. But when you change the phone, you can still play it. You do not need to start over from the beginning.

Check this quick guide. It will help you get the key to transfer your game onto another device. Also, you will have much more interesting information.

Let’s embark on the journey.

What is Golf Clash?

Golf Clash is an exciting golfing game. This is a game that you can carry on your smartphone and play wherever you want.

Despite being released in early 2017, the game has won the hearts of millions. Moreover, the game provides you with a bunch of journeys to explore the thrills and adventures in a virtual format.

You need to create your profile and start the journey to become the best golfer in the world (virtually).

And in the end, if you are a dedicated player, the victory would be yours. You could then Golf Clash King.

But you have to participate in the challenges, duels, and other competitions. Thereby, you need continuous playing.

How to transfer golf clashes to a new phone?

It’s a simple process. You have to follow the steps mentioned here.

Step 1

Secure the account

The first thing is to secure your Golf Clash account. If the game is not secured, you may lose the advancement of your game.

Also, you may lose the hard-earned achievements that you made so far.

Go to the Settings option of your game. Select the menu and then tap on the Secure Your Account option.

Step 2

Get the app on a new device

Now, as the second step, you have to install the app on another device. It will take a few moments to download and install it.

If you are using iPhone, download it from the App Store. Or, if you are using an Android device, get it from the Play Store.

Then, install it on the device and complete the tutorial section.

Step 3

Recover the account

You are close to securing the account. This time, you need to launch the app and visit the Settings section again.

From there, select the menu and tap on the Recover Existing Account option. Now, you have to follow the instructions.

Your account will be recovered on this device, as well.

Now onwards, you can use the app on both devices, based on your needs.

What else you must know about the Golf Clash app?

The playing tricks

Many of the players wonder if they cannot make the shots perfectly. Some others also take random shots. But if you know how to play golf clash, it would be easier for you to be the winner.

Remember, the aim of taking each shot would be sinking the ball with fewer possible shots. If you take many shots, your score will start shrinking.

Thereby, take the shot aiming at the specific location – where you want to the ball to reach. After aiming, tap on the take-shot option. Set the direction and power using your fingers.

However, you need some adjustments when you are releasing the ball.

Experts recommend releasing the finger when the arrow is in the center point of the bullseye. It helps the ball to reach the destination smoothly.

Also, remember that there are different types of shots in this game. And it needs different levels of power for the shot being taken.

Handy tips to win in a golf clash

You know, there are no shortcuts to success. But everyone wants to follow the shortcut. In the end, they suffer the worst.

Some of the cheats are available on the internet. You can try those. But I can bet those would be of no use in the long run unless you have solid skills.

So, if you really want to be the king in the Golf Clash, follow the directives mentioned here.

  • Do not forget to use power shots. They might be less controllable. But they will take the ball to a long distance and thus reducing your number of shots.
  • Any idea about the wind chart? This is not merely a chart. Rather, this is a way to win your battle against competitors. If you learn the wind chart, you can set the direction of your golf ball. Hence, it becomes easier to take the right shot at the right moment.
  • Yes, you read it right. You have to save. Save the coins you earn. Do not spend those for purchasing unnecessary accessories. Instead, invest the coins to enter into new tournaments. Accept the challenges. Finally, it is you who will gain from the competition.
  • Lastly, you can check some YouTube videos for a better understanding of the way to win. The videos will help you know the playing tricks intricately.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a golf clash notebook?

In brief, this is an app for the community using Golf Clash. Using the app, you can get pro advice to continue the game effectively. Also, you can get some invaluable tips and tricks.

All the tips will help you honk your golfing skills.

Why do I need a wind chart in Golf Clash?

Well. The wind chart helps to know the velocity and direction of the wind. You know, when you take a shot in golf, the wind plays an important role. It is for real golfing. Similarly, the golf ball in this game will undergo the same impact.

When you are hitting a ball with your club, it will have its interact with the wind, and its velocity.

The more the wind velocity, the more the ball will change directions.

However, if you have an idea of the wind directions, you can adjust the shots. In fact, you will get a subconscious adjustment in your mind. Accordingly, you will take the shot. And you know what, the shot would be perfect (or at least nearly perfect).

How to enter tournaments in golf clashes?

Golf tournaments are available around the year. So, you can get enlisted in any tournament. But prior to that, you need to know the types of tournaments.

In the game, there is a player vs player tournament. And those are separated into four levels. You can select the level based on your expertise like the master, pro, or rookie, among others.

Moreover, you need to pay a fee to enter the tournament. After depositing the fee, you can participate in the qualifying round. Then, you will have the opening round and the weekend round.

In each of the rounds, you have to qualify for the next round. Among the players (usually, there are 250 players), you have to be in the top 10.

Last words

Do you have any more confusion over how to transfer golf clash to the new phone?

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