Who Viewed Your Instagram Profile?

The answer is ‘NO’. you cannot see who viewed your Instagram profile. The social media platform does not allow its users to see the people who have viewed their profiles. However, there are certain applications, but those apps are not suitable as well to see who has viewed your Instagram profile. Instagram is a social … Read more

What does 6y mean in shoe size?

The 6y indicates the number of sizes for shoes. For males, 6Y is equivalent to shoe size 6. And for females, the size is equal to 7.5. However, the chart may differ based on countries due to regional varieties. While purchasing shoes, you must know the size chart. In fact, without the right size, it … Read more

How to find out when you made your Twitter?

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How to save a voice message from instagram?

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How to copy YouTube comments on iPhone?

YouTube is much more than entertainment. I can place hundreds of logic to favor this statement. But I doubt you cannot show any valid reasons to battle this statement. Well. This is one of the primary sources of entertainment for people across the globe. And the popularity of this platform is rising gradually. However, do … Read more

How to transfer golf clash to new phone?

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How to add friends on spades plus for beginners?

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How to leave a club in rocket league?

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Is size 7y the same as 7 mens?

The answer is affirmative. The 7Y and 7 are the same sizes. So, there would be no confusion regarding the issue. It happens as the sizes of men and youth are almost the same. So, when it is a 7Y, it is similar to size 7. However, the size may vary due to geographical locations. … Read more