How to copy YouTube comments on iPhone?

YouTube is much more than entertainment.

I can place hundreds of logic to favor this statement. But I doubt you cannot show any valid reasons to battle this statement.

Well. This is one of the primary sources of entertainment for people across the globe. And the popularity of this platform is rising gradually.

However, do you know how to copy youtube comments on iphone? The question may appear irrelevant. But surprisingly, a large number of people – like me- use their iPhones to browse the website.

Also, by copying any comment, you can share that or can use it for any other purposes.

Don’t worry if you lack the right know-how. I know how it feels when I failed to copy the comment from a video link. So, I am writing this post today to share my knowledge.

Keep scrolling through the post.

What is YouTube?

I guess you have an idea about this platform. YouTube is a popular video streaming platform. It offers millions of videos for the global people. And you know – the videos are for free.

You do not need to pay any subscription fees to enjoy the video content.

Alternatively, if you have ideas, you can also share video content and monetize from those content, as well.

Undoubtedly, YouTube is a great resource for the present age.

How to copy youtube comments on iphone?

Well. The process is pretty easy. But it was a tough call for me. Initially, I was unable to copy the comment from a YouTube video. Hence, I researched the process. Then I followed the steps mentioned here.

Step 1

Launch the app

First of all, you have to launch the app from your iPhone. Then, browse the video that you want to see. Or where there is the comment.

Now, point out the comment you want to copy. But the app won’t allow you to copy the comment when you are in the app.

Step 2

Copy the video link

In the second step, you have to copy the video link

As you are unable to copy the comment, you need to copy the video link.  Tap on the link and you will have several options. Click on the copy option. The link will be copied on your clipboard.

Step 3

This time, you need to launch the Safari web browser. Also, you can open any other browser if you want. I used Safari on my iPhone.

Now, paste the link on the browser, and tap to go. You will have the video. Keep scrolling and figure out the comment that you selected earlier.

I think you can copy the comment now. Once you copy it, it will be stored on your clipboard. So, it would not be difficult to paste the comment wherever you want.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you copy Comments on Iphone?

Well. This is a simple process. If you want to copy any comment on your iPhone, you need to press and hold on to the comment. You will get an option to copy the comment. Now, tap on it.

The comment has been copied. You can paste the comment in the same way – where you want. Select the place where you want to paste it. Tap and hold on to the position. You will see a paste option. Tap on it.

Now, the comment will be posted there.

How do you copy and paste comments?

The question is not clear if want to know to copy and paste on mobile or on computer.

Anyway, I am answering both cases.

When you are on a mobile phone, you need to tap on the comment or text you want to copy. After pressing on it, you will get a couple of options. From there, select the copy option. The comment will be copied on your phone’s clipboard.

To paste it, follow the same way. Tap on any text box or in the message box. The same options will appear again. This time, you have to select the paste option. You will see the comment to be pasted.

Usually, on computers, we use Microsoft Office. For MS Office, you need to use select the texts using the mouse. Press the right button and from there, select the copy command – using the left-click button. The text has been copied to your computer’s clipboard.

Alternatively, you can press the “Ctrl + C” buttons together. It is the shortcut to select anything in MS Office.

Now, you can use the “Ctrl + V” option (a shortcut to pasting). Or you can right-click and then select the paste option from the dropdown menu. The comment will be posted.

Is there a Ctrl button on iPhone?

I think you may get frustrated this time. iPhone does not have any Ctrl (control) button.

However, you need no worries. You can select any highlighted portion by tapping on the screen. Similarly, you can paste those by tapping on the screen, as well. The process is almost similar to copying and pasting.

Hence, you do not need any Ctrl button on your iPhone.

What is Control Center iPhone?

It is the shortcut to your necessary settings. In fact, it makes using iPhones more comfortable. You have immediate access to your display, flashlight, and many more options.

How to watch YouTube on your iPhone?

Watching YouTube on iPhone is not a big deal. There are two ways to watch this video streaming platform.

Firstly, you can download the YouTube app from the App Store. The second way is to use any browser on your device. You can use Safari (default browser) or others like Chrome.

However, it is better to get the app. That is more convenient for the users and you can directly access the platform.

Last words

I’m pretty sure you have the right idea on how to copy youtube comments on iphone. But still, if you are unable to get through anything, let me know, please.

Use the comment box and explain your problem. Surely, I will get back with the solution, as fast as I can. As an expert in this matter, I will watch your back. No worries.

And you can share this post on your social platforms without a second thought! I’d appreciate that.

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