How to Enable Fast Startup in Windows 10?

Waiting for your computer to boot is boring, isn’t it? Well. Everyone faces the same while booting their computers. In fact, computers are getting updated every day. Newer inventions and applications of technologies make the device smoother. However, at times, you need to spend time when you want to start your computer. And it happens … Read more

Microphone Not Working on Mac

Microphone Not Working on Mac

What is the most essential element for a virtual meeting? Is it a meeting platform or a microphone? I think the second option will bag more votes. In fact, without a microphone, you cannot communicate in a meeting. But what if the microphone malfunctions? If you know Fix: Microphone Not Working on Mac, you will … Read more

How to Find the Age of Your Computer?

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How to Connect AirPods to Windows PC?

How to Disconnect AirPods to Windows PC.

Do you know the best use of AirPods? Of course, it is the best match with Apple devices like iPhones! No. The answer is partially correct. You must know the hidden factors. You know this is a Bluetooth device. So, you can use it with your computer, too. But do you know How to Connect … Read more

Photo Stream Not Working on Mac?

Is your WiFi active?

Photo Stream is one of the widely used elements for iDevice users. But at times, the stream may not remain functional. The reasons are multifarious. Do you know Photo Stream Not Working on Mac: How to Fix? If the answer is affirmative, you are lucky. But if you do not know, don’t worry. This post … Read more

AirPods Keep Disconnecting from Windows PC

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Printer not activated error code 30

How can I install my printer on my computer

Without a printer, a computer remains incomplete. So, many personal computer users attach a printer to their machine. A printer, in fact, plays one of the key roles in using computers. It helps to get your documents printed for various purposes. But what if the printer is not activated error code 30 appears. Not to … Read more

How to Show Battery Percentage on Mac?

How to Show Battery Percentage on Mac?

Do you know what most people do when they open their Mac? They see the battery percentage. Yes, surprisingly, this is a true factor. In fact, everyone checks the battery status. They want to know the duration of the Mac battery. Why do people check so? Well. There are multifarious reasons. But experts say it’s … Read more

USB Ports Not Working on Mac

Try Soft reset

So, you are an ardent lover of Mac like me? And having issues with the USB ports, right? The USB ports of Mac are the key access points for laptop accessories. But it could be highly frustrating when you cannot transfer any data into your laptop as the USB port is not functional. Well. Not … Read more

External Hard Drive Not Showing on Mac

Did you check the connecting cable

You must agree that using Mac has several advantages. The key fact is the user-friendly interface. Also, it provides numerous modern features and flexibilities. But at times, we may get troubled while using the Mac. The troubles occur particularly when you try to connect an external hard drive on Mac. The Mac may not detect … Read more