Force Quit Not Working on Mac

Why do apps get frozen

Frozen applications are always annoying. You know, it is easier to end their execution in the Windows operating system. But what about the Mac? In fact, there is no Ctrl+Alt+Del option for Mac. So, you need to know the Fix: Force Quit Not Working on Mac. Otherwise, you may have to wait for a longer … Read more

iPhone Not Showing in Finder on Mac

Do you know there are some interesting troubles while using iPhone and Mac together? Yes. It is damn true. Often you may witness your iPhone is missing on your Mac. Not to worry. This is a highly common problem for users. If you know Fix: iPhone Not Showing in Finder on Mac, you will overcome … Read more

Cannot Verify Server Identity Error on iPhone

Restart the device

Do you know why most people use iPhones? The answer is too simple. It is user-friendly. The interface is striking. And the appearance is smarter. But what if you are stuck in your mail app? You are unable to send or receive any email. Chances are higher that you miss your emergencies, as well. But … Read more

How to Turn off Location Tracking on iPhone and iPad?

Location service on iPhone is of great help. It enables the user to track their phone at any time. Also, you can track the device if it is lost. But at times, the location service may appear troublesome for the users. They may not feel comfortable as they are always being tracked. In such cases, … Read more

How to Unflag all emails on iPhone?

How do You Prioritize or Organize Your emails? The answers vary. But I can bet that iPhone users use the flags to set the priority. In fact, this is not possible for people to take care of emails with the same priority. It depends on the mail content and your needs, But after completion of … Read more

How to Delete Synced Photos from iPhone?

How to delete synced photos from your iPhone

Photography using iPhone is simple. But do you know what the toughest task after taking a photo is? I know you are wondering. In fact, deleting a photo is the toughest task – provided the photo is synced. If you are using an iPhone, you will realize the matter. And this brief guide on how … Read more

A Complete iPhone X Review You Must Know

A Complete iPhone X Review You Must Know Apple always tries to add some innovations while delivering its products. This time, iPhone X is not an exception. The device arrives with a special and sleek design for the users. Changing the overall outlook was a risky move for Apple, indeed. In fact, iPhone users are … Read more

Mail App Not Working on iPhone?

Communication is easier now than ever before. IPhone users know the matter most as they use several apps for communication like the Mail app. But what if the app malfunctions? Do you know Mail App Not Working on iPhone: How to Fix? In fact, all the attempts will be of no use if the app … Read more