How to Edit A Picture on Windows?

Editing a picture on Windows operating system is simple. You need to open the photo using the Photos app. There are several options available. Using the options, you can make necessary changes in the photos and save for some glowing photos. Editing photos in Windows has always been a simple task. Being a user-friendly operating … Read more

Windows 7 Secrets For The Users

Windows 7! No doubt, it’s a great wonder for the users. And the operating system has played a significant role for the users, and it still plays the same. However, I can bet most Windows 7 users are unable to tap the potential of the system. In fact, most of them are unaware of the … Read more

Bluetooth Not Working in Windows 10

Did you check the batteries?

Bluetooth is an important feature while using Windows 10. It provides lots of benefits to the users. It is used to connect your keyboard, mouse, and other accessories. But do you know How to Fix Bluetooth Not Working in Windows 10? If the answer is negative, you are in the right corner. Here, you will … Read more

Microsoft Defender Not Working or Turning ON

Check your antiviruses

Did you ever witness security issues while using the internet? Well. I guess most people have some sort of such experience. It happens because they do not use any sort of security measures. Mostly, Microsoft Defender. However, you may also witness some issues while using Defender. Check this Fix: Microsoft Defender Not Working or Turning … Read more

Computer Turns ON but No Display in Windows 10

Having no display is a common problem and disappointing, as well. And you are not the sufferer alone. Many Windows 10 users face the same issue. But do you know why Computer Turns ON but has No Display in Windows 10? In fact, there are no solid reasons behind this screen failure. It may happen … Read more