Is size 7y the same as 7 mens?

The answer is affirmative. The 7Y and 7 are the same sizes. So, there would be no confusion regarding the issue. It happens as the sizes of men and youth are almost the same. So, when it is a 7Y, it is similar to size 7. However, the size may vary due to geographical locations.

Determining the shoe size is often confusing. Many people lack the right idea about the shoe size chart and thus, fail to purchase the right pair. And finally, they get an uncomfortable feeling while using the shoes.

Often, people lack the idea about 7Y and 7 when they go for getting shoes. Be noted, both are the same size. The number may cause confusion to many who have less idea about the size chart. But in most cases, 7Y and 7 have the same configuration. The 7Y is for the youths and 7 is for adults – ages starting from 13.

Based on some brands, the size may vary to some extent. However, you need to determine the size and then go for purchasing the right pair for you or your child. Also, remember, the youth age is between 8- 12 years, while the adult is considered 13.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is size 7 and 7y the same?

Yes, the sizes are the same. A 7 and 7Y have similar shapes. So, it could be used both by adults and youths. However, the size may vary in consideration of shoe brands.

What comes after 7y shoe size?

After 7Y, it comes to 7.5Y. The shoe size is 10 inches. So, your feet need to be less than 10 inches to wear the shoes. Otherwise, if your feet may not feel comfortable.

What does 7y mean in shoe size Nike?

According to Nike show guidelines, 7Y means the length of the shoe is 24.6 cm. And the size is 40. So, before getting shoes from Nike, please check their size chart.

What size is after 7y in shoes?

A standard shoe chart shows 7.5Y after 7Y. The next size after 7Y is 7.5Y which is a bit longer than the former one.

Is size 7y the same as 7 women?

A 7 of women’s shoe size is similar to 8.5. But the 7Y is a bit long for them. You have to deduct around 1.5 inches while comparing to this size.

Is size 7y the same as 8.5 for women?

Yes, it is almost the same. Usually, the 7Y in women is equivalent to 5.5 or 6Y. So, when it is 7Y, it fits with 8.5 of women.

What does 7y mean in women’s shoe size?

The 7Y for women refers to the shoe as 8.5 or 9. If the size is shorter like 6Y, the shoe size will be reduced to around 1.5 to 2 inches.

What does nike size 7y mean?

A 7Y in Nike means the size is similar to 7. In inches, the measurement stands at 8.5 inches.

What does size 7y mean in shoes?

A 7Y shoe size mans 7 for youths. The size of the shoe is 7 for males and in length, it is 8.5 inches. However, the size and shape may vary based on brands.

What is 7y in women’s size?

A 7Y in women’s size is 8.5. It means the length of the shoe is 8.5 inches.

What is 7y shoe size in women?

A 7Y in women’s shoe size is 8.5 inches. However, there might be slight variations in the size of different brands.

What size comes after 7y?

After 7Y, it is 7.5. In that case, the feet length is 10 inches.

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