How to add friends on spades plus for beginners?

Gaming folks, today I’m going to tell you how to add friends on spades plus.

This is an exciting matter, indeed. In fact, unless you have a friend on Spades Plus, you cannot enjoy the game.

Moreover, you need reliable partners to play this game in different modes. This game has brought a change in online gaming. Millions of players are there to be with you. But you need a reliable one to win the challenges.

This post is all about the process of getting friends on your list. In the end, you will have in-depth knowledge about it.

Now, let’s explore the process.

What is Spades Plus?

I know, you have the right ideas about the game. But this portion will help beginners to know the details.

Spades Plus is an online card game. You know, card games are available in a wide range. And the playing modes are different, as well.

In this game in particular, you will be playing with an online community.

The game provides models like Whiz, and Classic, among others. Solo is one of the preferred models that many gamers love to play.

Key features of this game

Spades Plus has a number of thrilling features. The most prominent features include –

  • Chatting: you can chat with the other players or your friends when you play it.
  • Table customization: you create and customize your table. Also, you can arrange for bets and set features like ending points.
  • Joining others: moreover, you can join in tables where your friends are playing. You need no additional permissions required for this option.
  • Sending gifts: it is another wonder that you can send gifts to other people while you are in the play.
  • Several models: you can participate in models like knock-out or tournaments.
  • Free coins: at the same time, you will get free 20,000 coins if you are a first-timer in the game.

How to add friends on spades plus?

This is the core of this post. You know, as a gamer, I did not have any mentor. So, I had to learn all the tips and tricks of this online game without any guidance. But for your convenience, I am sharing the experience of how I added my buddies to this game.

So, let’s check that out.

Step 1

Launch the game. Do not start any tournament or any sort of match.

Instead, look at the left bottom corner. There, you will see an icon of people (it’s an icon of three people).

Now, click on the icon. It will open up a small box, describing that you can invite people and they would be your friends.

Step 2

You are aware of the process. Now, click on the Invite Friends option. It will open another window in the game.

The option will show a list of apps from where you can invite friends. In the list, the apps include – WhatsApp, sms, messenger, and Facebook, among others.

The easiest way is to get friends from your WhatsApp. Click on the WhatsApp icon.

Step 3

Now, select anyone from the WhatsApp contact list. Click beside the name. And then click again on the send option.

Your contact will get the invitation.

If your friends click on the link, they would be able to add you as their friend on the game.

Isn’t that simple?

Quick tips to play Spades Plus

This is the additional part. I promised you will get in-depth knowledge. So, you must go through this section for further information.

Number of players

In Spade Plus, usually there are four players and they play in teams (or pairs). Each of the team members is a partner.

Besides, the card pack has 52 cards – an international standard card amount.

The game

The game is played in a clockwise direction and the cards are distributed in the same way.

The top-ranking card in the game is an A while 2 is the lower-ranking one. Don’t worry, the spade is always used as the trump card in the game, like the other card games.

The bidding

Bidding in the game is easier too. But, you need to know the tricks. You can bid based on the cards on your hands. The bidding starts from 0 and the highest bidding point is 13.

You need to bid according to the number of your teammate. If you can score as your earlier bid, you are the winner.

Bidding starts from the left and moves in a clockwise direction. If you bid 0 (or nil), it points out that you will not have the chance to win that deal. And if you are unable to score the zero bid, you will be penalized by minus 100 points.

Playing the game

To play the game, you need to apply tricks. When the other players place their cards, you need to place the same suit. However, if you lack the suit, you can place any card you want.

If you have the Spade, you can win. But remember, Spade is the trump card. So, you need to trump with a high-scoring card. Otherwise, someone else may snatch the victory.

After winning the deal, you can move to the next deal. Or the player who wins the deal will lead the next.


Scoring in Spades Plus is simple. You need to score 10 times equal to your bid. If you score more than the bid, you will get some extra points.

However, you may lose if your trick is lower than your bid.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you play with friends on spades plus?

Playing with friends on Spades Plus is almost effortless. But you need to have friends in the game.

It means you must be with some people who are playing the game. Otherwise, it is not possible to join them.

To join the game, click on the Join button. It will connect you with the gamers. However, if the table is full, you may need to play the role of spectator.

How do I update spades plus?

Updating the game is not a big deal. You can do that easily.

Prior to that, you need to get an update message. If the app is not up to date, it will send you a message. After getting the message, you need to login into your account with the credentials.

Then, you can update the game following the standard procedure. When you click on the update option, it will redirect you to the Amazon store. From there, you can update the game.

Is Spades Plus free?

Of course, the game is free. However, you may need to have some in-app purchases. But that depends on your gaming skills.

If you are a beginner, you may not need to have the purchases. When you would become an expert, gradually, you may need the purchases.

What Suits are higher in spades?

The suits are almost the same here in this Spades Plus game. It has spades, clubs, diamonds, and hearts. But the heart is the highest one here and the spade is the lowest one.

What is a bag penalty in Spades?

When you get a single point during the game, the point is known as a bag. When your team will get 10 bags in a game, it will reduce 100 points from your overall score.

This is known as the bag penalty.

You are getting an additional score – figures out that you did not bid perfectly. When a player or a team hides information, the bidding is affected. As a result, you start getting more points.

Accordingly, the points are subtracted from the score that the team makes.

Ending note

So, how do you feel now? Is it clear how to add friends on spades plus? Perhaps you have the right idea. Also, you are now aware of the game.

However, if you are in trouble getting anything, get my help. Write down your problem, and wait for my reply. Surely, I will get you back as fast as I can.

You know, sharing is caring. So, please share my post on your profile. It will help others to know. It’s like a charity of knowledge.

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