How to connect boosted board to app?

I have written a number of different day-to-day tech topics. Some of them were useful for my readers. But this time, I am going to share the details on how to connect boosted board to the app. It’s a cool one, I believe.

In fact, many of us use skateboards. They are handy, easy to carry, and help in mobility effortlessly. But with the change of time, the skateboards have also been modified.

When the electric version of skateboards hit the markets, it was a wonder, indeed. The boards rocked the markets and users, as well.

This post will help you get some in-depth ideas about the matter. So, let’s start exploring.

What is a boosted board?

Usually, boosted boards refer to electric skateboards. They are now available in the markets globally. And you can use the boards to roam around your city. The key benefit is that the board will run using a lithium battery. You can change the battery if you want to enhance the mileage. Moreover, the electric board is controllable using a remote controller.

So, what is the primary benefit? It is that you do not need to run with the board – as people did earlier. You have to stand still on the board, and it will take you to your destination.

Key benefits of boosted boards

If you are willing to shift to an electric skateboard, you must know the key benefits it offers.


The first thing about such boards is the durability they offer to users. Made with the finest woods and electric gadgets, the boards serve for a long time. They are different from regular skateboards. Therefore, they do not crack easily. Also, you need less maintenance for them, while you need frequent maintenance for their cousins. 

Easy to handle

Smooth handling is the other feature that you will love. With a natural outlook, electric skateboards are easy to handle. You have to stand tight on the board, and the board will do the rest. There is less friction while you are riding.

Moreover, you can change directions easily. Simply you need to set the directions and the board will run itself.

No environmental damage

Further, electric skateboards are not harmful to the environment. Why? Because they do not burn fossil fuels. So, there is no emission of toxic materials. And thus, the environment remains safe and sound. 

A refreshing mind

At the same time, you will get a refreshed mind while riding an electric skateboard. Usually, when you drive a car or other vehicles, your limbs are engaged in controlling the vehicle. But the scenario is the opposite here.

When you are riding such a board, you are controlling it through a remote controller. All other limbs are free to move. Thereby, you can enjoy the breeze, at times can gaze at the open sky. In this way, the electric skateboard casts a positive impact on your mind. 

How to connect boosted board to the app?

Connecting the boosted board to an app is not a big deal. However, you need to spend a few minutes pairing the device with the app.

Let me tell you the process in brief. You will need an active Bluetooth connection aboard.

Step 1

In this phase, you need to download the app from the App Store. If you are using an Android phone, you have to download it from the Play Store.

Make sure you download the right app for your device. Check the model of your boosted board and search for an app following the model.

Otherwise, it would not be possible to connect the board and app together.

Step 2

You have to switch on your boosted skateboard. Also, launch the app on your device.

Now, turn on the Bluetooth of your device. Check the name of your boosted board. Connect it with the app.

Hopefully, the board will be connected to your mobile app.

It’s that simple.

Interesting facts about boosted boards

So, you are planning to continue your ride using the electric skateboard, right? And so, you have checked the post and scrolled on to this point.

In this section, we will learn more about the boosted boards. Let’s check the basic factors here.

Riding on a boosted board

Riding is a bit different on a boosted board as you may not need the kick-push to start. It runs through a battery. So, you need to learn the ways of riding on it.

Stepping on the board

There are two ways to ride on a boosted board (or electric skateboard). You need to set your foot first.  

The majority of the people are habituated to riding using the right foot. That is natural. But there is a section of people who place their left foot first. So, in this case, you need to determine the foothold option. It is also about safety while you are on the ride.

Therefore, set your foot on the board, first. Then, take a firm hold of your foot and start the board.

When you are in the right foot stance, your left foot will be on the back side for balance. And when you are on the left foot in front, your right foot should be on the back to maintain the balance during the ride. And those should be firm in position.

Throttling the board

As I said earlier, you do not need to kick-push on the ground to start the board. Instead, you need to press the throttle button of your remote controller.

Generally, the throttle is associated with the wireless remote. Besides, the remote controller has several other functions.

After you press the button, your board will start rolling. However, you must practice more and more to get some skills before you hit the street. Acceleration of the board may shock you in the beginning.

Also, you may feel sudden vibration on your feet as the motor will start working. But practicing in open ground will help you be skilled in riding the board. Make a balance of your weight on the board. Bending the knees will provide a better result.      

Braking tactics

When you press the brake button, you need to be careful. In fact, immediately after pressing the button, you will have a forward motion. It’s physics that when a vehicle brakes, our body moves in the front direction.

It happens as the vehicle and the rider – both get a motion. So, when the vehicle motion stops, it takes a bit of time to adjust the motion for the rider.

So, when you brake, you must take a backward position to adjust the motion of the boosted board.  

Taking turns while riding a boosted board

Turning a boosted board entirely depends on the skills of the rider. You can customize the length or tense of the trucks to bring stability while you ride.

Accordingly, the maneuverability of the board will be changed. Press the board using your heels to turn. You have to use your body weight to turn the board in your desired direction. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a battery for the remote control?

Of course, the remote control needs a battery for power. If there are no batteries on the remote, you may have to use the board like an ordinary skateboard. Because you cannot make commands to the board.

How to pair the remote to the boosted board?

Pairing a remote controller to a boosted board is pretty easy. The first thing is to turn on the boosted board. Press the turn-on button on the board. Check if the board light also turns on.

Then turn on your remote controller.

Next, press the turn-on button on the board five times. Do the same with the boosted board turn-on button (press it five times).

The board and the remote controller will be paired.  

How to do foot braking on a boosted board?

Foot braking is basically used for ordinary skateboards. But you can do the same for your boosted board.

However, to apply the foot brake on a boosted board, you need to align your feet with the board. The toe will be in the direction you are moving on and the heel will be with the board’s body.

Then, lift up a foot and place it on the road. Slowly. It will generate friction and ultimately the speed of the board will start lowering. This could be your emergency braking, as well.

Can I ride a boosted board amid regular traffic?

That is not a wise idea. Because your boosted board is unable to compete with the traffic. You know, the vehicles on the street run faster. This is the rule. So, when you have a vehicle of similar speed, you can go for a busy street.

Therefore, it is better to skip streets with even less traffic. But you can drive the board on a wider road where the traffic is less or less.

How to connect boosted board to the app?

Connecting a boosted board to an app is effortless. You need to download the app and pair it with the board.

Check the middle section of this post to know more about it.

What can I do to ride boosted board safely?

The first thing is to know the riding basics. And next, you have to practice more and more. Ensure you can easily accelerate, brake, or turn using the board when on the go.

Moreover, while riding the board, you must wear proper gear to remain safe from untoward incidents like falling on the ground.

It is important to check if the batteries of the board are working or have a proper charge in them. In case of necessity, you need to replace or remove the batteries. Surely, you do not want any trouble in the middle of your destination.

End note

I have shared my knowledge on how to connect the boosted board to the app. I can imagine – you are pairing your boosted board with the app and driving smoothly!

However, if you still find things cloudy, feel free to share. Write me your problems and I will get you back as fast as possible with the solutions.

Undoubtedly, riding a boosted board is fun. The fun doubles when you have an app. The app will show all the latest conditions of the board and your detailed traveling data.

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