How to Disable or Deactivate Voicemail on iPhone?

No doubt that voicemail is one of the most important services for mobile phone users. But at times, it may turn into an annoyance. So, you need to know How to Disable or Deactivate Voicemail on your iPhone.

In fact, the use of voicemail is on the decline in the present age. And it is for the invention of modern communication modes. Mostly, people send text messages or communicate via other channels.

However, if you still belong to the old school, you may need the voicemail service. But if you want to stop it, you can do that smoothly, as well.

Go through this post, and you will know the facts clearly.

What is voicemail service?

In short, this is a computer-based system of delivering messages to phone users. Anyone can use the service. It is a system that stores messages and delivers them when you open the phone.

What is voicemail service

It can be termed as the opposite of an answering machine. Someone will send a message – when you are not on the phone. And later, you can get the message.

Usually, mobile phone service providers arrange the service by default. You need to know the code to activate or deactivate the service.

How to Disable or Deactivate Voicemail on iPhone?

Multiple ways are there to deactivate the service on your iPhone. Interestingly, the process is smarter and effortless for iPhone users. Check the ways here.

Use the shortcode

First of all, you can try a short code for this purpose. However, remember that this process is temporary and may activate your voicemail service again.

Take your phone and launch the dialing pad. Now press #004# from the dialing pad. This is the deactivation code for the majority of mobile phone subscribers, globally. Now, tap on the call button on your phone.

Wait for a while. It will show you a message about call forwarding being dismissed. Dismiss the messages because you are done with the process.

It will deactivate the voicemail service. However, the shortcode is not applicable to pre-paid subscribers. And remember, this is a temporary solution.

Call your subscriber

Remember, the first one is a temporary method. You can reactivate the voicemail service at any time by dialing some other codes provided by your subscriber.

But if you want to permanently deactivate your voicemail service, you must contact the service provider(s).

Get the dialing number for your mobile phone subscriber. Dial the number. And talk to the call center of your service provider. Explain why you do not need the voicemail service.

They will disable the voicemail service permanently to your phone number.

But remember one thing, all your previous data, messages, and other items will be removed. Permanently. You cannot get them back again.

Forward to a different number

You may not want to remove the voicemail permanently. So, you can adopt another alternative. It is forwarding the number to another number.

Whenever you are not available, the phones intended for you will be forwarded to a different phone number.

To do this, open the settings of your iPhone. And then go to the Call option.

From there, go to the Call Forwarding section. Check if the call forwarding option is on. If it is on, toggle it to the On position. Then, you will get an option to put the number.

It is the number where your phones will be diverted – for your incoming calls. Successfully, you have completed the process.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many messages does a voicemail hold?

Usually, you can have around 30 voicemail messages. After this period, your voicemails will be automatically deleted from the system. And remember, the duration of each of the messages is 30 seconds.

So, if anyone wants to send a long message, the messages should be broken down. The senders need to send a couple of messages. And all those messages will be stored on the voicemail system.

Can I get back the deleted voicemails?

Sorry. You cannot get back the deleted voicemails. Once you remove the voicemails, it means you have removed them permanently. So, you cannot expect to get them back.

However, it is wise to check the messages before deleting them. When the number of messages crosses 30, the system will automatically remove the older messages. And it will store the newer messages.

What are the benefits of voicemail?

Well. There are a number of benefits of using voicemail.

First of all, it helps others to reach you. Even if you are out of the state or network, the voicemail will remind you of the caller. Under the voicemail service, you will get a message from the caller. And accordingly, you can call back the caller. Or can take necessary actions.

Besides, voicemail service is a great way to communicate. If you cannot reach someone, leave a message. In this way, the recipient will come to know the messages whenever they are available.

Last words

Now, we know How to Disable or Deactivate Voicemail on iPhone. So, it would not be difficult to disable the voicemail service. However, if you have any issues regarding the service, you immediately should contact the service provider.

Also, you can share your thoughts and ideas. We appreciate it if you share your experience. Use the comment box for this purpose. We will get back to you.

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