How to Disconnect ps4 Controller?

Do you know what the common question of beginner PS4 users is?

They want to know how to disconnect ps4 controller. Why? Because they want to save the battery.

In fact, if you keep the PS4 controller idle, it will consume the battery. Lastly, you cannot use the full potential of the controller. The battery will last no longer than four to five hours. Also, it takes time to complete charging.

Thereby, it is imperative to save the battery.

So, how you are going to do that? The best solution is to disconnect the controller from the device. In other words, you need to shut it down if it is not in use. Check this post, and you will get the answer.

How to disconnect ps4 controller?

Well. There are several ways to do this. But assuming my readers as beginners, I will explain the easiest way. Let’s check it out.

How to disconnect ps4 controller

Method 1

Check the PS button

Did you ever wonder why there is a PS button?

Surely, many of you ignore this one thinking of it as a decorative piece. But it has several functions when you are using the controller.

In fact, this is the fastest way to switch off your controller.

Want to know how?

Take the controller. Press the button for the next ten seconds. Your PS4 controller will be switched off immediately.

Isn’t that pretty much easier?

Bonus methods

Mind the Quick Menu

Earlier, I said that the PS button is not only a decorative element. You can use it for several purposes. You can use it to switch off the controller.

Press the PS button for two seconds. It will take you to the Quick Menu.

Now, select Sound/ Devices. From the option, select Turn Off Device. Then, select DualShock 4. It will turn your PS4 controller off.

Automatic shut down

Also, you can set a time for the controller the shut down.

Automatic shut down

You need to press the PS button for two seconds. It will lead you to the Quick Menu of the system.

From the Quick Menu, select Sound/ Devices. It’s your show now.

Go to Set Time Until Controllers Turn Off. Set your time – when you want your device to turn off. After setting the time, the controller will shut down automatically. So, you need not worry about it anymore.

How to Buy a PS4 controller?

Why am I adding this section to this post? Because this is all about beginners. If you are a beginner, you need to know specific facts. In the end, you can have the preferable devices for your gaming needs.

However, experts may term this point as unnecessary. But I believe you have the right to know.

To get a PS4 controller, you have to focus on certain aspects.

First of all, you have to select your color. In fact, the PS4 controller is available in several colors. So, you need to ask the seller to send any specific color of your preference.

Secondly, you must check that you have all the necessary accessories with the PS4 controller. At times, the sticks might be missing. Or the touchpad may be inactive, or the speaker may not function. Hence, you need to check these matters carefully.

Thirdly, check the charging cable. If you get the controller through online stores, you may get cheated. The seller may send you an ineffective charging cable. So, it is wise to check the cable first. And the best thing is to visit the store and get it manually from there.

Frequently Asked Question

How long it takes to empty the battery of the PS4?

Well, it depends on your user behavior. Usually, a PS4 controller battery is supposed to last for around eight hours or more. But in case of heavy usage, the battery may last less than this expected timeframe.

Surprisingly, the battery may last for two to three hours. If the controller is unattended and switched on, the battery will drain faster. Thereby, experts recommend knowing how to disconnect ps4 controller. It helps to save battery and you need less charging.

Therefore, never leave your PS4 controller unattended. Switch it off whenever it is not in use.

Can I charge my PS4 controller in 30 minutes?

Of course, you can charge your PS4 controller in 30 minutes. But there are some issues that need your attention.

First of all, a PS4 controller takes at least two hours to get a complete charge. In this case, the battery is almost empty. It does not have any charge left.

But if there is a charge on the battery, at that point, you can charge it in half an hour. Otherwise, you cannot expect to charge the PS4 controller in 30 minutes.

Explain the PS4 button functions

There are several buttons on a PS4 controller. The buttons include the PS button, directions buttons, and circle buttons, among others.

Usually, the PS button plays the role of switching the controller on. You need to press it to switch on the controller. Also, you need to use it to get back the controller from sleep mode. Moreover, if you press the button for a long time, it will show the Quick Menu options.

Besides, the directional buttons are meant to navigate when you are using the system. If you want to move in the right direction, you need to take the button to the right. For left movement, you have to take it to the left.

The cross button pressing will confirm the selection, while the circle button will cancel a command. So, if you want to select something, you need to press the cross button. And for cancellation of any command, press the circle button.

How to click using the PS4 controller touchpad?

The touchpad of the PS4 controller plays several roles. You can perform some initial tasks using the touchpad. And clicking through the touchpad is a simple process.

Simply, you have to press the touchpad button. It will make a click.

Last words

So, now you know how to disconnect ps4 controller. Follow the methods and save the battery of the controller. It will also help to extend the gaming time.

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