How to mirror yahoo sports app to tv for beginners?

“You may win. You may lose. But you need to learn to accept.”

This is a precious saying for sports. But at times, we are unable to participate in sports directly. Then we enjoy it by watching.

And watching on television is the most prominent way for the sports lover. Mirroring a match on television is also entertaining.

Do you know how to mirror yahoo sports app to tv?

If you do not know the process, you are missing a lot. Don’t worry. This post will watch your back. Here, you will get a comprehensive guideline to do this.

What is mirroring?

Well. This is a simple process. You can see the same thing on the television screen, that you are watching on your mobile phone screen.

To make it clearer, you can cast the mobile screen onto the television. Then, the television will show the screen of your mobile.

This is a great way to share the screen. In fact, you cannot get complete enjoyment on a relatively smaller screen. But when you cast that to a larger screen, the enjoyment doubles. Hence, many people now are casting their mobile phone screens on televisions.

Why do you need screen mirroring?

There are a number of benefits.

The first thing is that when you mirror a screen, it becomes larger. So, you can make a complete analysis of the elements that you see. This is a way to get some research.

Screen mirroring is another way of enjoying video content. For instance, the mobile phone screen is smaller in size and shape. Often, the video contents may not reflect the actual size of the contents. Hence, it is tougher to enjoy the content.

But when you are screen mirroring, you are free of such worries. The larger screen will proportionately adjust the resolution and other factors. Your watching will be enjoyable.

Why Yahoo Sports App?

Of course, you may ask for several other available applications. But why Yahoo Sports?

This is a valid question. But you know, Yahoo Sports is one of the leading and major sources of sports entertainment.

It brings almost all types of sports under a single shed. You will get all the available sports-related news, information, and many more updates.

For instance, if you need to know the scores of a football match or want to get a match preview, the app is there. It makes access to the scores and matches faster and smooth. Hence, a notable number of people globally are using this app.

At the same time, you can get the latest updates for your preferred teams, championships, and others. The app also brings the highlights of recent matches and games.

Moreover, the app will let you enjoy live matches, as well.

How to mirror the Yahoo sports app to tv?

Remember, this is a complete guide for beginners (as it is mentioned in the title). So, here, you will get the basic idea of mirroring an app to a television set.

There are several ways to do this. But for the convenience of beginners, I am explaining the easiest method.

Using Chromecast

This is the most comfortable way to mirror your Yahoo Sports app to a television screen. However, there are some prerequisites.

First of all, you need to have a Chromecast. And secondly, you must have an iPhone or Android device. Otherwise, you cannot connect the app to the television and enjoy the content.

Besides, you need to have a smart television. The television set should have HDMI ports. Or, you cannot establish a connection with the app.

Follow the steps

Step 1

Download the app

First thing first. You need to download the Yahoo Sports app. The app is available both in Apple Store and Google Play Store.

Search with the name and download it on your device.

Launch the app to check if it works fine.

Step 2

Connect the Chromecast

You need to connect your Chromecast to your television set. Connect the dongle with the HDMI port of your television.

Check if the connection is established properly. You need to check the network (internet) connection. Also, your smartphone should also be connected to the same network you are using for the television.

Step 3

Cast the app

Now, you have cast the app on your television.

Go to the control panel of your device and find the Screen Cast option. On your Android device, you can get it by swiping on the top of the screen.

Then, tap of the Chromecast. It will appear on your phone screen. Confirm it. In fact, you need to tap on the confirmation pop-up screen.

Tap on the Start Now.

Step 4

In this step, you have to launch the Yahoo Sports app on your device. After launching, you need to play something on the smartphone.

On the screen, you will get an option for screen mirroring. Tap on that. It will start the screen mirroring process.

You are done.

What else you must know …

You can mirror using Chrome

Using the Chrome browser, it is also possible to mirror the mobile phone screen to a smart television set. To do this, you have to launch the Chrome browser. Then, visit the Yahoo Sports site.

Now, click on the customization option of your browser (the three dots on the top right corner of the screen). There, you will get the Cast option.

Select the source from the menu of your Chromecast. Next, tap on the cast option. It will cast the browser screen on your television. From there, you can cast on television whatever you want from the Yahoo Sports website.


Don’t worry if your screen mirroring malfunctions. It is natural and may happen for a wide number of reasons.

If you witness the issues, check the network first. Poor network connectivity, this is a common issue for users. Make sure the network is enabled and you have connected it properly with the Chromecast.

You can also restart the internet connection to solve the issue. Try disconnecting the devices and reconnecting them again. Experts also recommend restarting your Chromecast dongle.

However, if there is any physical damage to your Chromecast dongle, you need to consult the service centers.

Also, you need to check the login details. Never rush. It may result in wrong credential inputs.

A complete guide on how to mirror the Yahoo sports app to tv for beginners

So, how are you feeling now? Is it really tough to mirror the app to your television? I think the answer is negative. Because you know how to mirror the Yahoo sports app to tv.

If you are still in the dark, let us know. We will shed some light on your darkness. Use the comment section, and wait for the reply.

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