How To Remove Scribbles On A Screenshot iPhone

Sensitive information is scribbled for protection. But you can remove the scribble using the basic editing tool on your device, especially an iPhone.

Scribbles are some marks to hide any private or sensitive information. People apply the scribbles mostly on images while sending others. So, the receiver is unable to see what is behind the scribbles.

However, now you can unveil the hidden information if there are scribbles.

First of all, you need to download the screenshot and store it on your device.

Next, you need to edit the photo. Launch the Photos app and find out the photo. Open it. Find the edit option and then make some adjustments.

You need to adjust the brightness, contrast, exposure and shadows. After the adjustment, most of the hidden parts will be visible. Remember, you need to adjust the contrast according to the scribble density.

Experts recommend to keep it around 95 on a scale of 100. It will render almost clear visibility of the scribble.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to remove white scribbles on a screenshot iphone?

To remove scribbles on a screenshot on iPhone you have to follow a simple process. You need to get the screenshot first. You will get all the photos on the Photos app on your iPhone.

Now, open the photo and tap on the edit option. Here, you will get several options. From there, select the markup eraser option.

Now, apply it on the photos.

Hopefully, the scribbles on the photo will be removed.

How to remove Snapchat scribbles on a screenshot?           

Snapchat is one of the leading multimedia social platforms and the number of users is on the rise. It allows users to share and post their photos and short videos for a short time. Also they can send messages to other Snapchat users.

So, if you witness a scribble on a snap and want to remove it, the process is very simple. In fact, Snapchat has added some new features in this platform. Magic Eraser is one of those.

You have to select the photo with scribble and apply the Magic Eraser tool. It will automatically remove the scribbles from the image. It’s pretty simple.

How to take scribbles off a picture?

Well. There are a couple of ways to take off a scribble from a picture. The first thing is editing the photo by yourself, and the second one is applying any suitable third-party application.

However, it is easier to apply the tools from a third-party app. But when you are in Adobe Photoshop, you need some skills.

Usually, the background of the photo is used as mask to cover the scribbles. Using the stamp in Photoshop, you can conceal the scribbled part in a photo. But you need to have skills in selecting the area and applying the stamp on the same space.

How to remove scribbles on a picture?

Scribbles are applied on pictures for specific purposes. The most important factor is the sensitivity. Many of the photos may have sensitive and private things. So, you may need to hide those for your safety. And thus, the scribble is applied.

But if you want to remove the scribble, you need to follow certain methods. The first thing is applying the Photoshop tools. Moreover, you can use applications to remove the scribble.

While using Photoshop, you need to use the cloning tool, which is also known as stamp. But using an app seems easier to many. Here, they have to upload the photo and the scribbles will be removed in the next few seconds.

How to erase black paint from a screenshot?

Removing black paint or any other paint from a screenshot is easier. However, you cannot do it manually. It will take time, efforts and of course high professional skills to manually remove the black paint.

But using an app will result in far better result. So, it is a good idea to use any suitable application for the black paint removal. You have to upload the photo on the app. And the application will automatically remove the paint to make the photo look like a new one.

How can I remove a paintbrush from a screenshot? 

Removal of paintbrush from a screenshot requires some photo editing skills. In fact, this is a bit advanced-level task, however, for the betterment of the readers.

Open the photo using the Adobe Photoshop software. Now, you need to select the Magic Wand. You will get the tool on the left side tab on your Photoshop screen.

Now, apply the wand on the black part of the photo that you have selected. The next step is pressing the delete button on the keyboard. It will remove the paintbrush.

How do I reverse-edit a picture taken as a screenshot?        

In this present age, it is also possible to reverse edit. Editing is required for many purposes. However, you cannot have this feature in all the common photo editing applications. Instead, you can do this on some specific platforms.

For instance, you can reverse the edit in Google Photos using your computer. To do this, you have to apply the Revert feature. The feature is able to reverse the editing. However, it only is applicable when you are working on the original file.

To do this, open the photo from Google Photos on your computer. Now, go to the editing section and then click on the Revert tab. It will make the necessary changes.

Is there any app to erase black paint from a screenshot?     

Removing black paint from a screenshot is not a big deal now. You can do it using a few clicks. And there are several applications to help you out for this purpose.

If you are using the Windows operating system, you can get the app from Microsoft Store. The app is named as Paint. NET. It will help you remove the black paint from the screenshot.

At first, select the photo and open it using the app. Now, click on the Magic Wand tool. Apply the tool on the part where you want to remove the paint. Then, press the delete button from the keyboard.

It will remove the black paint from the screenshot, instantly.

How to remove scribbles on a screenshot samsung?

Samsung runs on the Android operating system. So, often it becomes difficult to remove scribbles from a screenshot on Samsung. Without using any third-party application, this is nearly impossible to remove the scribbles.

So, if you are a Samsung user, you can remove scribbles using such applications as Camera ++ or Skitch App.

For instance, if you are using Skitch, you have to download the app from the Google App Store as the first step. Now, install the app on your Samsung device. Launch the app.

Then, select the texts and copy those to paste in to a new document file. Remove the scribbles visible in the image. You can use Photoshop to remove the scribbles. Trim the image, and crop where necessary. And now, check the photo. Its free of scribbles.

Alternatively, you can follow another method. Turn off your phone and turn it on using the Safe Mode. After entering into Safe Mode, you need to follow instructions to remove the scribbles.

How to see through scribbles on a screenshot?

If anyone sends you a photo or screenshots with scribble, this is possible to see through the scribbles. But for clearing the scribbles, you need to follow a particular method.

First of all, save the photo on your device. And then open it for editing. Now, you need to adjust some settings from the edit option. Adjust the slide exposure. At the same time, set the brilliance, shadows and highlights proportionately.

The hidden portion of the screenshot will be visible.

How to remove red scribbles on a screenshot?

If the scribbles on the screenshot are red, not to worry. You can remove the red scribble in the usual way.

Either use any application from Google Play Store or App Store. Install the app and upload the image for removing the scribble.

Or, you need to use the default editing feature of your device. Check the result. The scribble will be vanished.

How to remove black scribbles on a screenshot?

Most of the scribbles come in black color. So, removing them is easier too. You can transfer the photo to your computer for the scribble removal.

Download Paint.NET and install the app on your computer. Launch the app and upload the photo you want to remove scribble. Then apply the Magic Wand tool and at the same time press delete button.

It will remove the black scribbles on the screenshot. Next, you will see the hidden parts in the photo.

How to remove scribbles from a photo?

Often people use scribbles on photos. The sole reason is to maintain secrecy or not revealing the private information, people or others. However, at times it is necessary to remove the scribbles.

So, when you are having a scribble on a photo, you can remove it using an app or by manual adjustment of the color.

Between the methods, using the app is convenient. If you are using a computer, you can download Paint.NET app from the Microsoft store. The app is able to remove the scribble. You have to install the app and use the Magic Wand tool.

The photo will be free from scribbles.

How to get rid of scribbles on a picture?

Getting rid of scribbles on a picture is too easy. You need to either use an app or you need to manually edit the picture. Also, you can edit the photo using Adobe Photoshop.

So, you need to select the right option for you.

How to take scribbles off a screenshot?

Taking off a screenshot from a photo is simple. If you are using a phone, download any suitable application based on your operating system.

Now, install and launch the app. Upload the screenshot you want to take off the scribbles. Then, apply the right editing tool.

Hopefully, the screenshot will be removed successfully.

How to remove scribbles from a screenshot? 

Scribbles are some unwanted and meaningless marks on a photo. A screenshot is also a photo. So, anyone can use scribbles on screenshots.

If you want to remove the scribbles from the screenshot, there are several ways available. The first one is editing the screenshot through the default photo editing feature. Many of the phones now have this feature included in their phones.

And secondly, you can use an app to remove the scribble from the screenshot. You need to search a suitable app from your app store and install that on your device. Then, you should follow the instructions to remove the scribbles.

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