How to switch back to avast free antivirus?

Do you know when people seek free avast antivirus?

The answer is simple. Most people want to get back to their free account when the license expires. In fact, the free version of the antivirus is capable of protecting your virtual entity and identity.

Moreover, there are many more benefits associated with it.

But do you know how to switch back to avast free antivirus? I can bet most of my readers are unaware of this fact. Interestingly, the majority of them will get another license to use the antivirus.

On the contrary, you can switch back to avast free antivirus. Do you want to know the process? Check the rest of this article.

How to switch back to avast free antivirus?

Well. There is a special way to get back to avast free antivirus. I will explain the process for Windows operating system users. Let’s explore them.

Step 1

Launch the antivirus

First of all, you have to launch the antivirus. You will get a dialogue box. If the free trial date expires, you need to click on the Switch to the free option.

It will take you to the free version of the antivirus. And now, you have to restart your computer. After the restart, you will be able to enjoy the free version of avast.

Step 2

This step is for the purchased subscriptions.

Launch the antivirus. Check the left panel. There, you will find an option named “Apps and Features.” From the option, click on Avast Premium Security. Next, click on the uninstall the program option.

After that, you will get a dialogue box titled “User Account Control.” There, you will get another screen saying Avast Premium Security. Check the options carefully. Click on the free antivirus program. Click Yes and restart your computer.

It will take you to the free version of the antivirus.

Benefits of using avast antivirus

Do you have a clear idea why people use antivirus? Particularly, avast?

Benefits of using avast antivirus

Well. There are several reasons. Avast is one of the leading antiviruses. It is a popular one for its feature of free service. In fact, you can avail some of the premium features in its free service. But the other similar antiviruses do not have such an option.

On the other part, downloading and installation of the software are easier too. You can download the antivirus and install it with minimum IT knowledge.

The other key benefits are mentioned below in brief.

Safeguards your password

Most people get hacked [virtually] as their passwords are stolen. They use weak or inefficient passwords. But if you use an antivirus like avast, there are no such issues. The antivirus manages the passwords smoothly. The effective system maintains your passwords.

Safeguards your password

So, when the hackers try to hack you, they do not get access. So, your accounts remain safe.

Improved PC function

At the same time, the antivirus improves the performance of your computer. Usually, a computer gets a speedy performance when it is free of malware and other issues. When you get into the internet, your computer is infected by malware, spam, and fishing sites.

All the elements slow down the performance of your computer. But when you have an avast antivirus, your computer works fine. The antivirus removes unwanted elements on a real-time basis. So, the functionality of your computer remains satisfactory.

Prevents identity theft

On the other part, identity theft is a common phenomenon. You can quickly become a victim of identity theft. And you have no idea about the consequences.

First of all, the problem could take you to jail. If you are innocent, it will take time to prove it. And by this time, you will lose respect. Moreover, your image will be ruined for the time being. Also, the hackers could steal your bank account and do more harm.

However, using the avast antivirus can help you out. Strong protection will prevent identity theft.

Frequently Asked Question

How to switch back to avast free antivirus on Mac?

Well. That is a bit complex issue. And I will discuss this topic in another post. This post is particularly for Windows operating system users.

Does avast slow down a computer?

The answer is negative. Using avast will never slow down your computer. Instead, it will improve performance. When you use avast, the antivirus will remove the malware, spyware, or other fishing sites and links. As a result, the computer will have improved performance.

However, you may witness a slow performance while scanning the computer. Usually, the antivirus does not slow down a computer during scanning.

But if the computer configuration is not up to the mark, you may experience slower performance. But that will be over once the scanning is complete.

Can I transfer a free subscription to other devices?

The answer is a big “NO.” You cannot do that.

Surprised? Remember, the free subscription does not have any such features. In fact, you can download an avast antivirus and use it on any device. So, you do not need to subscribe to it. Rather, you can download the free version from the internet and enjoy using it.

It’s free of hassles.

How can I run Smart Scan on my PC?

Smart Scan is the process of scanning your computer in a comprehensive manner. Under this scan, you will get several features. First of all, the antivirus will detect viruses [if any]. It could be codes, links, sites, software, and others. Accordingly, the antivirus will take preventive measures.

How can I run Smart Scan on my PC?

Secondly, the scan will find out the outdated elements of your computer. At times, the hackers send outdated software to computers and then hack the devices. But the scanning will find those too and remove them.

Further, if you may have any other issues, including browser performance or search engine. The avast Smart Scan fixes those problems, too.

To run the Smart Scan, launch the antivirus. Then, go to Protection and then to Virus Scans. There, you will find a couple of options. Click on the Run Smart Scan. The system will start scanning.

Last words

So, now you know how to switch back to avast free antivirus. Hopefully, you could be able to switch back to the free version. And enjoy a hassle-free computing experience.

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