How to take screenshot in samsung on nxt?

Do you know how to take screenshots in Samsung on nxt? I think you are unaware of this fact. And thus, you are reading this post.

Don’t feel diffident. It happens. You do not need to know all the things in the world. And many people like you lack the idea about screenshots.

We have lots of things to do and explore. Thereby, it is not mandatory to be like an encyclopedia. This is not feasible, as well. In this age, you can get what you want after a few moments of searching the internet.

However, you need to remember certain things that can instantly help you out. Knowing to take a screenshot is one of those.

Let’s explore the details here.

What is a screenshot?

This is a common term in the present world. Simply, it is the process of capturing a screen. You can capture the instant image of a screen – be it a computer or a smartphone.

To be specific, a screenshot captures the screen or a particular portion of a screen.

The shot is taken using a keyboard, smartphone buttons or even using a camera. The visual content on the screen is grabbed and saved. Next, you can use the saved image for your needs.

Advantages of screenshots

Screenshots have several advantages. The most impressive fact is that it has replaced human efforts. For instance, you no longer need to get printed paper or photocopy. If you can get a screenshot, you can use the image for many more purposes.

Let’s check the key benefits of screenshots

Easy to use

The first and most important fact is ease of use. Taking a screenshot may take a second. And you can store the image in your convenient place. Then, you can use or apply the photo where it is required.

Quick availability

Moreover, screenshots are quickly available. Imagine, you need to send some information to someone. And you do not have a pen or paper. In such cases, you can use the screenshot. Take the photo and send it to the recipient.

A collaboration tool

Alternatively, you can use a screenshot as a tool for collaboration. This is mostly important for teachers and students. They can take photos of any object, text, or image, and then can use it for their purposes. Also, this is useful in workplaces. The colleagues and teams can share their needs.

Great way to explain

Moreover, using a screenshot, it is possible to explain something. This is more important when you are explaining any technical factor. Take the photos one by one, and explain them to your audiences.

A document to adore

Screenshots are also documents. They serve the role of documents for numerous purposes. Take a screenshot, you can use it as evidence or proof. And when necessary, you can showcase it. In fact, it is one of the greatest tools to prevent virtual bullying.

Someone may get victimized by bullying in this virtual space. But when the screenshots are there, it is possible to use them in your defense.

How to take screenshots in Samsung on Nxt?

Taking a screenshot in Samsung Galaxy On Nxt is not a big deal. Follow the steps here to take the shot.

Step 1

Turn on your phone

This is the first task. You have to turn on your device. Make sure, the phone is charged properly. And then launch the screen you want to take the shot.

Step 2

Take the shot

In order to take the screenshot, you need to press two keys on your device. Press the power button and the volume lower button. It will take a screenshot.

However, you may miss the shot the first couple of times. It will happen because of the lack of synchronization. So, if you practice a few times, perhaps you will master the skill.

The screenshot is usually saved in the photo gallery. From there, you can check the photos. Or in case of necessities, you can edit those.


Of course, there is an alternative to this process. The process explained here is manual. But you can make it automatic as well.

How? You need to download screen-capturing apps.

The apps will capture the screen and the image will be saved automatically to the photo gallery.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it better to screenshot or download it?

Well. Taking a screenshot and downloading an image – both have their advantages. Also, those are used in different perspectives.

People take screenshots for their instant needs. They grab the screen immediately and save the images on their devices or any other place. It takes less time than downloading a photo. However, the images grabbed may not be of the highest standard or resolution.

On the other part, downloading an image takes time. It is also about the speed of the internet connection – which will determine the downloading time. Storing those images also needs more space than a screenshot.

So, it is entirely up to you which one you prefer.

Can I edit a screenshot?

Sure, you can edit. Usually, a screenshot is an image that you take instantly by grabbing a screen. Therefore, you can save the image in any format. And according to your needs, you can edit the screenshot because it is a photo now.

If you use a mobile phone, you can edit the screenshot instantly or later whenever you want. The same approach is applicable if you take the screenshot on your computer.

Are screenshots illegal?

The answer is a big NO. Screenshots are not illegal. They are legitimate. You have the right to take a screenshot. And for the photo, you are not accountable to anyone. Or anyone cannot blame you for why you took the shot.

However, there is a limit to using the screenshot. If you use the image for any illegal purpose, you have to face the music. Someone else may file a report against you or sue you for the abuse. Also, if there are any copyright issues, it is wise not to take any screenshots.

What can someone do with my photo or screenshot?

You know, we are in the age of modern technology. In this age, cybercrimes are on the rise. Thousands of people are getting victimized by identity thieves (or hackers).

So, they can steal your identity. They can take photos or screenshots and use those to materialize their ill motives. It is wise to remain careful about such incidents. Otherwise, you may also face legal consequences resulting in jail terms, too.

Can screenshots show my location?

Usually, modern cameras and smartphones can show the location. It happens as they are embedded with the coordinates of the Global Positioning System (GPS). Using GPS, they determine your location. And use those in the photos. Automatically.

But when you are taking a screenshot, the scenario and situation are different. It won’t show the place or location where it was taken. You can use the screenshots without a second thought.

Last words

Perhaps you have an idea of how to take screenshots in Samsung on nxt. Before you take the screenshot, you must master the skill. Or, either you will raise the volume or lock or shut down the device.

Please feel free to share your ideas, thoughts, and recommendations. Write them down in the comment section. And pass the knowledge among others by sharing the post.

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