Not Enough iCloud Storage Error on iPhone

At times, the iCloud may get full. It happens perhaps you keep uploading photos in the drive. After a certain time, the storage is complete and you cannot upload any more content.

So, you need to know Fix: Not Enough iCloud Storage Error on iPhone.

It’s the combination of a couple of techniques that allow you to clear up the space. Surprisingly, most iPhone users are unaware of this fact.

Not to worry. This post will watch your back. Here, you will get the solution to this particular problem. Also, you will get some interesting information that you can apply.

So, let’s dive to explore the facts.

What is iCloud?

In a nutshell, iCloud is a type of cloud storage service of Apple Inc. The service was launched in 2011 and since then, it has won the hearts of millions.

The prime feature of iCloud is to store content including digital documents, music, and photos. It works as a server for the users. You can also download the documents as per your needs.

What is iCloud

Besides, if iCloud is enabled, you can get back your content if your phone is lost. Hence, it is of great use for iPhone users.

Also, it works like a backup for your phone. You can access your iCloud from anywhere in the world. But you need to have an active internet connection and an iCloud account.

Fix: Not Enough iCloud Storage Error on iPhone

It’s the core part of this content. Here, we will explore the way to overcome the problem.

The warning message occurs when the iCloud storage runs out of space. When you back up the content on the iCloud storage, it shows the message that the storage capacity is full. And so, you cannot store any more in the space.

Follow the fixes.

Fix 1

Stop uploading photos on iCloud  

Mostly, photos are stored on iCloud. If the option is kept ON, it will automatically store the photos on iCloud. Whenever you go online, your device will automatically start saving the photos to your iCloud storage account.

But, if you turn the option OFF, it will not store the photos. And thus, you can save space on cloud storage.

Go to your phone/ device Settings option. Tap on the Apple ID to open the account settings. Then, go to the Photos option and toggle the switch. If it is ON, turn it OFF. Your problem is solved.

Fix 2

Clear iCloud items  

Alternatively, you can clear the iCloud space. Remove all the photos and other visual contents from the storage. However, you can get a backup of the photos on your computer.

To do this, you have to login into the iCloud account from a computer. Provide the necessary information like the password and ID details.

Now, go to the Photos option. Click on it and you will get all the photos and videos there. Select all the photos on the tab and click on the Download option. All the photos will be downloaded to your computer from the storage.

Once the download is complete, delete all the photos. This process will remove all the photos and videos.

Either you can wait for the automatic deletion of the photos from the storage after 30 days. Or you can manually remove them instantly.

Fix 3

Stop backing up App Data

Some of the apps used in iPhones are automatically backed up on iCloud. Removing those data also can help you get some additional space.

For the app data removal, go to the Settings option of your device. Then, visit your Apple ID, and next to the iCloud. From there, go to the Manage Storage option.

Check the Backups section. Now, you will get several backup options. Disable the apps you do not want uploading on iCloud. Toggle the switch if it is ON.

This process also will immediately clear the space of your cloud storage.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get additional storage on my iCloud?

Well. This is a pretty simple process. You need to check the Fix: Not Enough iCloud Storage Error on iPhone. Or you can upgrade the storage space plan. Initially, Apple provides 5 GB of space to users for free.

But if you want, you can change the plan to larger capacity storage. Of course, you need to pay a certain amount to Apple based on the storage plan you select.

What is the backup duration in iCloud?

Usually, iCloud keeps the backups of your content for the next 180 days. In terms of months, it is around six months.

After this period, the old data, photos, texts, information, and other items will be replaced by newer ones.

Can I use iCloud without an apple device?

Of course, you can. But you must have an Apple ID. Otherwise, you cannot access iCloud. To use your computer, you need to visit There, you have to provide your credentials like your Apple ID, and password, and undergo a verification process.

Finally, you can enter it into iCloud.

Last words

Fix: Not Enough iCloud Storage Error on iPhone is for those who want to save space. However, if you want to know more, write us. Use the comment box below and share your thoughts. Also, you can recommend or share your experience using the comment section. We will get back to you.

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