How to Delete Messages on Tinder Without Unmatching?

What is Tinder?

Being social is more important than doing social. Yes, this is a true statement. But at times, most people engage on their social media profiles to do social activities in the virtual world. However, that becomes irritating for some. So, they want to get rid of those “social” activities. Deleting messages is one of the … Read more

How to Install Antivirus on firestick?

What is an anti-virus?

Don’t we use numerous software for our everyday needs? Well. That is true. We need the software. They are like life on hardware. If there is no software, the hardware is unable to perform. This is the most impressive factor that we must admit. Firestick is one of the software that helps to make television … Read more

Not Enough iCloud Storage Error on iPhone

What is iCloud

At times, the iCloud may get full. It happens perhaps you keep uploading photos in the drive. After a certain time, the storage is complete and you cannot upload any more content. So, you need to know Fix: Not Enough iCloud Storage Error on iPhone. It’s the combination of a couple of techniques that allow … Read more

How to Turn off your Tamagotchi?

What is Tamagotchi?

It’s a crazy idea! You want to know how to turn off your Tamagotchi. But in reality, you may need to pause the pet for a while. Or you may need a break from the pet. In such cases, you may need to turn off the Tamagotchi. Do you think that is an easy task? … Read more