How to Play Runescape on Chromebook?

“For a game, you do not need a teacher.”

Do you agree with the statement?

In fact, this is a controversial issue. A large number of people have their views and arguments over it.

But at times, you need to know how to play a game. Especially the Runescape on a Chromebook.

If you do not know how to play Runescape on Chromebook, it’s a tough call.

Why? Because the process is a bit complex on a Chromebook. You cannot install a game following the standard procedure. It needs some other approaches. And you must know those.

No worries, please. This post will help you know the process. Here, you will get the easiest way to install and play the game.

Let’s explore.

RuneScape in a nutshell

RuneScape is a roleplaying multiplayer game. You have to play a role in line with the other users. This is also a fantasy game and you need to be online to play this.

RuneScape in a nutshell

In the early days, the game was based on a browser. But with time, it received massive popularity. Thus, the developers brought some changes to the game.

Surprisingly, the game has more than 200 million accounts, so far.

The game is about visiting different cities, regions, and kingdoms. As the character, you have to visit using several modes. Also, you need to face challenges. Don’t worry. You will get resources to overcome those challenges.

Another impressive factor is that you can set your objectives or aims. There is no specific storyline. You can create the one you want.

What is a Chromebook?  

Chromebook is a newer version of a laptop computer. People prefer it for its speedy function. It can perform things faster.

What is a Chromebook?  

Moreover, a Chromebook arrives with standard security measures. Being a Google product, the users can have access to cloud storage.

If you want to game on your Chromebook, it’s a perfect decision. The device will render the very best experience to you.

But there is a minor issue that you must consider. You need to be familiar with Linux or Chrome OS. It is different than the Windows operating system. In the present age, most of us are accustomed to using Windows.

However, your experience would not be the same here.

How to play Runescape on Chromebook?

No doubt that your experience in Chromebook for gaming would be special. But you need to follow some preparatory measures.

How to play Runescape on Chromebook

It is mentioned earlier that it runs a special operating system. So, it is not possible to download and install the game as you do in Windows. Check the steps here to know more.

The installation

Remember, there are several ways to install RuneScape on your Chromebook. But all of them will require your technical skills.

However, if you are a non-technical guy but still want to play the game, follow the instructions. I have followed the easiest way to install and run the game on your Chromebook.

The Steps

Step 1

We will install the game using the Linux Terminal. Linux Terminal is available for Chrome OS. But you must have Linux support on your Chromebook.

Linux Terminal is available for Chrome OS

Assuming you have completed the preparatory tasks, I am sharing the instructions.

Launch the Linux Terminal. You can launch it using the launcher on your Chromebook. Also, you need to check if the copy-and-paste option is functional.

Step 2

This time, you have to copy and paste some commands to install and run the game.

Type or copy: sudo apt update.

You can type it on the Terminal. Alternatively, you can simply copy and paste the command to the Terminal.

Press enter. And wait for the next step.

Step 3

In the third step, you have to install the “flatpack”.

To install the flatpack repository, use the command: “sudo apt install flatpack”.

You can copy and paste the command on the Terminal. Or, you can also type the command on the Terminal and press enter.

The flatpack will be installed on your device.

Step 4

Now, you have to use another command. The command is: “sudo flatpak remote-add –if-not-exists flat hub”.

Press enter, once you complete the command.

Then, you need to put another command on the Terminal. This is almost the final step and will let you allow to play the game.

Type or paste: “sudo flatpak install flathub com.jagex.RuneScape”

The command will download the game for your Chromebook. But make sure there is sufficient space on your Chromebook

Final step

You are in the last stage of installing RuneScape on your Chromebook. You will get some dialogue boxes and confirm those. It will complete the installation process.

The game will be installed on the Chromebook. You now can run the game. It’s simple

A brief guide to playing the game 

Gaming is fun. And no doubt, it helps to flourish the mental faculty. So, experts recommend playing games.

But views might be different for video games. It needs more time to sit in front of a screen. It’s not mere waste of time. Instead, it honks your mental faculty.

While playing strategic games, you must apply your senses and earn knowledge.

A similar approach is applicable to this particular game. Explore this section to enrich your mental faculty.

Make an account

In order to run the game, you must have an account. To be more particular, you need a RuneScape account.

For account opening, you do not need any money as a deposit. You will need an active internet connection, a name to be displayed, and an email address. Fill out the form, and then log in to the account.

Next, you have to build a character and keep playing the game.

Check the tutorial

Being a vast game, you need some mentoring. The tutorial will help you know the facts and other details of the game.

The tutorial will provide you with the right know-how to enjoy the thrill. Besides, you will get the basic idea of combating in the game, overcoming challenges, and more.

Avail the features

In order to successfully completion of the game, you just need to follow the Path System. Using this course, you will get through a number of features. And they will help you earn points. And using the points, in a later phase, you can have upgrades.

Without following the path, you cannot get the necessary equipment. Also, it will ensure you get an early boost. Moreover, it will allow you to roam freely in the virtual world.

Know your quests

The other thing is to know your adventures. Using the quests, you can find the way you want to explore the regions.

So, check the list tab for quests. There, you will get detailed descriptions – tools that you need, skills you have to obtain, from where you need to start, and more.

Further, the quest tab will inform you of the difficulty level of the adventure.

As a result, you will get the necessary knowledge to explore the game.

Who are you?

I mean you need to set your character in RuneScape. Unless you are setting the character, you cannot run the game. For instance, if you want to roam around, you must have a character.

And the character must gain all 27 skills – one after another.

Not to worry. All the skills are for free.

Besides, you can also train the character. However, instead of focusing on any particular skill, you must expand your training. Gradually, it will enhance your learning skills. Easily and smoothly, you can apply the skills to overcome challenges during the game.

For instance, there are many skills. But among those, you need to learn cooking, fishing, or combating, particularly. They are skills for your survival in the game.

End note

Hopefully, it’s not a big deal now to play RuneScape on your Chromebook. Because you know how to play Runescape on Chromebook.

However, if you are still in dark, let us know your problem. We will get back to you with the right solution. And do not forget to share this post on your timeline or profile to help others.

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