Top 30 Best Root Apps for Android Phone You are Using Right Now!

Top 30 Best Root Apps for Android Phone You are Using Right Now!

Rooting your Android phone can open up a whole new world of possibilities and customization options. One of the main advantages of rooting is the ability to install and use powerful root apps that can enhance your device’s performance, improve functionality, and unlock features that are otherwise unavailable on non-rooted devices.

Top 30 Best Root Apps for Android Phone You are Using Right Now!


The Top 30 Best Root Apps for Android

If you’ve rooted your Android phone and are looking to take advantage of the full potential of your device, here are 30 of the best root apps that you should be using right now:

  1. Greenify – A powerful app that helps optimize your device’s battery life and performance by hibernating background apps.
  2. Titanium Backup – This app allows you to back up all your apps and data, freeze apps, and even uninstall system apps.
  3. Xposed Framework – A revolutionary app that allows you to customize every aspect of your Android device’s UI and functionality.
  4. Tasker – Automate various tasks on your device based on triggers such as time, location, and more.
  5. AdAway – A powerful ad blocker that works at the system level to eliminate ads from apps and websites.
  6. Lucky Patcher – This app allows you to modify and patch apps to remove license verification, ads, and more.
  7. Magisk Manager – A powerful systemless rooting tool that allows you to root your device without modifying the system partition.
  8. Root Explorer – A feature-rich file manager that gives you full access to the Android file system.
  9. Viper4Android – Enhance your device’s audio quality with this powerful sound customization tool.
  10. Flashify – Easily flash custom ROMs, kernels, and recoveries with this user-friendly app.
  11. Solid Explorer – A versatile file manager with support for cloud storage, root access, and more.
  12. ROM Toolbox Pro – A comprehensive app for managing and customizing various aspects of your rooted device.
  13. CPU Tuner – Take control of your device’s CPU and optimize performance and battery life.
  14. Terminal Emulator – Access the command line on your Android device with this powerful app.
  15. XprivacyLua – Protect your privacy by controlling the data that your apps can access.
  16. App Ops – Manage app permissions and restrict access to sensitive data with this essential tool.
  17. Servicely – Keep unwanted background services in check to optimize battery life and performance.
  18. SD Maid – A powerful system cleaning tool that helps keep your device running smoothly.
  19. Greenify Donation Package – Unlock even more advanced features and support the development of Greenify.
  20. Link2SD – Manage and move apps to the SD card to free up internal storage space.
  21. DroidWall – Control which apps can access the internet with this powerful firewall tool.
  22. Root Call SMS Manager – Take control of your device’s calls and messages with this comprehensive tool.
  23. DiskDigger Pro – Recover deleted photos, documents, and other files with this powerful data recovery app.
  24. Firewall iP – Monitor and control internet access for individual apps with this powerful firewall tool.
  25. 3C Toolbox – A powerful all-in-one toolbox for managing and optimizing your rooted device.
  26. ROM Manager – Easily manage and install custom ROMs with this essential tool for rooted devices.
  27. Root Booster – Optimize your device’s performance and battery life with this powerful app.
  28. Titanium Backup Pro – Unlock advanced features and support the development of Titanium Backup with this donation package.
  29. Xposed Edge Pro – A powerful tool for customizing your device’s UI, shortcuts, and more with gestures and edge actions.
  30. Root Essentials – Access a wide range of essential root tools and utilities in one user-friendly app.
Top 30 Best Root Apps for Android Phone You are Using Right Now!


Frequently Asked Questions For Top 30 Best Root Apps For Android Phone You Are Using Right Now!

What Are Root Apps For Android Phones?

Root apps for Android phones are applications that are designed to run on rooted devices. They provide advanced functionality and customization options that are not available on unrooted devices.

Is It Safe To Use Root Apps On My Android Phone?

Using root apps on your Android phone can be safe if you are cautious and only download apps from trusted sources. It’s important to understand the risks associated with rooting your device and to use root apps responsibly.

How Can Root Apps Enhance My Android Phone’s Performance?

Root apps can enhance your Android phone’s performance by allowing you to control and customize various aspects of your device. They can help you optimize CPU performance, access system files, remove bloatware, and overclock your device.

Will Using Root Apps Void My Android Phone’s Warranty?

Yes, using root apps on your Android phone can void your device’s warranty. Rooting your device involves modifying system files, which is not supported by most manufacturers. It’s important to consider the warranty implications before rooting your device.


These top 30 root apps for Android offer a wide range of features and functionalities that can take your rooted device to the next level. Whether you’re looking to optimize performance, enhance audio quality, customize the UI, or take control of app permissions, there’s a root app for almost every need. While these apps offer powerful features, it’s important to remember that rooting your device and using root apps comes with certain risks and may void your device’s warranty. Always proceed with caution and make sure to research and understand the implications of rooting before diving into the world of root apps.

So, if you’ve already rooted your Android device or are considering doing so, be sure to check out these top 30 best root apps for Android and explore the endless possibilities of customization and optimization that rooting has to offer!

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