How to Bypass Iphone Screen Time Passcode Ios 14

To bypass iPhone screen time passcode on iOS 14, you need to reset the device. If you have set up a screen time passcode and cannot remember it, resetting your iPhone is the only solution.

However, resetting means losing all your data and settings, as the device goes back to its original factory settings. Before resetting, ensure you’ve backed up all your important data, if you can’t access your iCloud account, then you can use an iOS data recovery tool like Tenorshare UltData to back up your data.

Once you’ve backed up, reset your iPhone by navigating to the “Settings” app, select “General,” then “Reset,” and finally “Erase All Content and Settings. ” Set up your iPhone as new, then restore your data from your iCloud or iOS backup. While it’s not an ideal solution, this is the only way to bypass the screen time passcode on iOS 14 without any additional software.

How to Bypass Iphone Screen Time Passcode Ios 14


Why Bypassing Screen Time Passcode Is Important?

Bypassing iPhone Screen Time Passcode is a popular topic among parents, employees, and those wanting specific app access. It is necessary to ensure child’s safety and prevent distractions at work. The Screen Time Passcode is a powerful tool to control and limit device usage, but it can be frustrating when forgotten. Luckily, there are effective ways to bypass the passcode to regain control of your device. These methods include using a passcode recovery tool, factory resetting your phone, resetting using iTunes, and creating a new passcode. By following these methods, you can quickly bypass your screen time passcode in iOS 14 and regain control of your device.

Advantages of Bypassing Screen Time Passcode
Ensuring child’s safety
Avoiding distractions at work
Accessing certain apps


Before we start bypassing the iPhone Screen Time Passcode, let’s check your iPhone’s compatibility. The iOS of your iPhone must be 13.3 – 14.3.

Required Tools:
Mac or Windows Computer
Lightning to USB cable
iTunes or Finder installed on your computer
iPhone backup (optional)

Once you have ensured compatibility and have all the required tools, we can move on to the actual method of bypassing the screen time passcode.

Method 1: Using Itunes

To bypass the iPhone Screen Time passcode in iOS 14, you can use the following method:

Step 1: Connect your iPhone to your computer using your USB cable.
Step 2: Put your iPhone in Recovery Mode according to your device model.
Step 3: Update or restore your iPhone using iTunes. Make sure to click the Restore iPhone button to remove the Screen Time passcode.

Remember that this method will erase all your iPhone data and settings, so make sure you have a backup before proceeding. Additionally, you can prevent future Screen Time passcode issues by regularly backing up your iPhone data.

Method 2: Reset Screen Time Passcode

Resetting the Screen Time passcode on iOS 14 is a feasible method to bypass the code. By using the Apple ID, you can reset or disable the Screen Time passcode without affecting any data on your iPhone. Follow these simple steps to bypass the iPhone Screen Time passcode on iOS 14.

Method 2: Reset Screen Time Passcode
Step 1: Tap on ‘Forgot Passcode’.
Step 2: Check email for Recovery Key.
Step 3: Enter Recovery Key and Reset Passcode.
Follow these three simple steps to reset Screen Time Passcode on iPhone with iOS 14. First, tap on “Forgot Passcode” and then check your email for the recovery key. Lastly, enter the recovery key and reset the passcode. It is an easy process and can be done in minutes. So, whenever you forget your Screen Time Passcode, just follow these easy steps to reset it and regain access to your iPhone.

Method 3: Using Third-party Tool

To bypass your iPhone Screen Time Passcode using a third-party tool, follow the below steps:

Step 1: Download and Install a reliable Screen Time Passcode bypassing tool on your computer.
Step 2: Connect your iPhone to the computer via USB Cable.
Step 3: Follow the instructions on the tool interface to bypass the Screen Time Passcode.

That’s it! Using a third-party tool will make the process of bypassing your iPhone Screen Time passcode quick and easy. Ensure you select a reliable and trusted third-party tool before downloading and installing it.

How to Bypass Iphone Screen Time Passcode Ios 14


How to Bypass Iphone Screen Time Passcode Ios 14



To sum up, bypassing Screen Time Passcode on iOS 14 may seem like a tricky task but it is not impossible. With the help of the above mentioned methods, you can easily bypass the screen time passcode on your iPhone without any hassle.

But always bear in mind that using these methods could also cause the data on your device to get lost. Therefore, it’s much advisable to create regular data backups to avoid data loss. With these precautions, you can efficiently manage to bypass the screen time passcode on your iOS 14 device.

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