How to Easily Open Gedcom File in Windows 10: Quick Guide

To open a Gedcom file in Windows 10, download a genealogy software such as, Family Tree Maker, or Gramps, and import the file into the program. These programs allow users to view, edit, and manage their family tree data through the imported file.

Tracing family history and creating a meaningful family tree often involves dealing with Gedcom files. Gedcom files are genealogy data files that allow users to transfer family history information between different genealogy software programs. However, opening and managing Gedcom files can be a tricky task without the right tools or software.

We will show you how to open a Gedcom file in Windows 10 using a genealogy software program. We will also highlight some of the features and benefits of using these programs to help you get started on your family tree.

How to Easily Open Gedcom File in Windows 10: Quick Guide


Step-by-step Guide To Opening A Gedcom File In Windows 10

To open a Gedcom file in Windows 10, follow these steps:

Locating The Gedcom File On Your Computer

Locate the Gedcom file on your computer by using the Windows search bar or file explorer.

Checking For Compatibility With Windows 10

Check if your Gedcom file is compatible with Windows 10 by right-clicking on the file and selecting “Properties.” Then, go to the “Compatibility” tab and ensure the file runs in compatibility mode.

Using Genealogy Software To Open The Gedcom File

Use genealogy software to open your Gedcom file by downloading and installing any genealogy software on your computer. Click on the file and select the genealogy software installed on your computer to open the file.

Opening The Gedcom File In A Text Editor

You can open your Gedcom file in a text editor by right-clicking on the file and selecting “Open with” and then “Notepad.”

Importing The Gedcom File Into A Third-party Application

You can also import your Gedcom file into a third-party application by finding a program that can import the file and downloading it.

How to Easily Open Gedcom File in Windows 10: Quick Guide


Tips For Working With Gedcom Files On Windows 10

To ensure your genealogy research is safe, it’s essential to have regular backups of your Gedcom files.

Use reliable genealogy software like Family Historian, Legacy Family Tree or RootsMagic. Always ensure they are compatible with Windows 10 before installation.

Before updating your Operating System, check for compatibility with your genealogy software and tools. A Gedcom file is a standard format, but some software may have issues in newer versions of Windows.

Pros Cons
Easy file sharing Backup regularly
Standard format Software compatibility issues
Preserves genealogy research
How to Easily Open Gedcom File in Windows 10: Quick Guide


Frequently Asked Questions Of How To Open A Gedcom File In Windows 10

What Program Opens Gedcom Files?

GEDCOM files can be opened using genealogy software such as Ancestry. com, Family Tree Maker, and RootsMagic. Some file viewers like GEDCOM Viewer can also open these files, but they are not recommended for editing purposes.

How Do I Open An Ancestry Gedcom File?

To open an Ancestry GEDCOM file, follow these steps: 1) Log in to your Ancestry account and click on Trees. 2) Click on the tree where the file is located. 3) Click on the tree settings gear icon. 4) Select Export Tree.

5) Choose GEDCOM as the file format and click Export.

How Can I View Gedcom Files For Free?

There are a few free options to view GEDCOM files. You can use software like Ancestry, MyHeritage or Family Tree Builder to read these files. Another option is to upload the file to a genealogy website like Gedcom Viewer or FamilySearch.

Both these options are completely free.

How Do I Convert A Ged To Pdf?

To convert a GED to PDF, you can use any free online GED to PDF converter. Simply upload your GED file, choose the PDF output format, and click the convert button. The resulting PDF file can then be downloaded and saved on your computer or device.


To conclude, opening a GEDCOM file in Windows 10 is a simple process that can be accomplished in a few steps. By using the right software and ensuring that your computer is properly configured, you can easily view and edit your family tree data.

With the tips outlined you can get started today and explore your genealogical past with ease. And remember, in order to make the most of your research, it is important to keep your data organized and backed up regularly.

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