What Does It Mean If The Subscriber Cannot Be Reached?

When you find a subscriber (or mobile phone user) cannot be reached, it means the user’s phone is not active. Let’s get a complete explanation. When someone dials the phone number for any other person, they may hear this recorded speech.

It means either they have switched off their phones, or they are out of network reach. It may also happen that the phone is out of battery.

So, you will get to listen to this message if you dial a phone number that is shut or out of the network towers. But it does not mean that the person will never be in the network.

It may also happen that the person might have switched off the phone for any specific reason.

The person might be in a meeting where phones are not allowed. Or the person’s phone’s battery drained out and needs recharging.

If you witness any such situation, the best thing is to wait and keep calling after a few moments. Hopefully, the connection will be established.

Frequently Asked Questions

Difference Between Can Not Be Reached and Unattended

There are differences between cannot be reached and unattended. For the first one, the phone is either out of battery or switched off. When the phone runs out of battery, naturally it becomes turned off automatically.

And for the second one, someone has not received the phone. It may be due to their excessive engagement with other businesses or they may want not to attend it deliberately.

So, the terms may sound similar to many people but they have different meanings. However, the best thing is to wait for a call back from the other side. Nowadays, mobile phone service providers send text messages to subscribers for missing calls.

Can’t Be Reached Means Blocked?

No, not. Can’t be reached means you are not blocked at all. It means the person who is receiving the call has not activated the phone. Or the phone has been turned off. Or there might be no battery in the phone.

For all such reasons, you may get this note that the phone cannot be reached. So, don’t worry about getting such voice messages when you make a phone call.

If you are blocked, you would be unable to establish the phone call. In this case, you will find a busy tone (when several callers try to reach a single phone user).

Or, the call will be sent directly to the voicemail service. Despite repeated attempts, the situation will not improve. So, you can get to the decision that you are blocked.

But can’t be reached does not refer to that issue.

How can I tell if someone blocked my number?

There are no straightforward ways to know this process. You will get some signs or symptoms to know if you are blocked or not.

For instance, if the phone call directly goes to the voice mail instead of a complete ringing cycle and says the number is not available, it means you are blocked. Also, you may hear some tone like the phone is engaged, and it will happen all the time.

Also, you can make another phone call using another number to clarify the facts.

How do I know if my number is blocked?

If you want to know if your number is blocked, you need to make a phone call first. Now, listen to the ringtone. Is it ringing? Or are you listening to an engaged tone or going straight to voicemail?


Also, you can try sending a text message to the recipient. Check on the delivery message. If your message has been sent but no delivery report is available, it points out that you might have been blocked. So, wait for a while to know if your message is finally delivered or not.

How can I make my phone unreachable for a particular number?

Sorry, there are no such ways to make it happen. A phone is unreachable when it is out of the network, out of battery, or turned switched off.

How can I make my phone unreachable for a particular number

Thereby, you cannot make your phone unreachable to any particular phone number or people. Instead, you can block them. They would be unable to make any phone calls or send text messages to you. It is the safest way to remove unwanted people from your phone list.

How many times does a phone ring if you are blocked?

The answer will disappoint you. It will not ring – if you are blocked. You would not be able to establish a phone connection.

How many times does a phone ring if you are blocked?

Whenever you will make a phone call, you will get several beep sounds. Or the phone may be directly diverted to a voicemail account after a single ring that will play any pre-recorded message.

So, if you are blocked, you may not get a ringtone from the other end.

Can you tell if someone blocked your texts?

When someone blocks you, generally you cannot send them any text messages. If you are an android user, you can get the matter to the point.

Usually, you get a delivery message after sending a text message to someone. And the message is delivered when you are using an android device. But if you do not get the delivery message, it means there is something wrong.

The best thing is to wait for getting the delivery message. If you do not get the delivery message even after a day, you may have been blocked.

Can you send a text to someone you blocked?

The answer is negative. You are unable to send text messages to someone who blocked you. If you are an android user, you can know about the message delivery status. But while using iOS, you are unable to know if your message has been sent or not.

What does it mean when it says the subscriber is not available?

There are several reasons for letting you hear this message in particular. The first thing is that your desired phone users are not using the number of SIM cards anymore. S/ he might have changed the digits.

So, you are not getting the person through phone calls. If you are in such situations, it is better to follow other communication channels to contact that person.

How can you tell if someone blocked your number?

If someone blocks you, you must have to identify that you are truly blocked. First of all, you can make a phone call to the person. If you hear beep tones or go directly to the voicemail box, it refers that you might have been blocked.

To be confirmed, you can make another phone call using any other phone. It will clarify if you are truly blocked or not.

What happens when you call someone who blocked you?

If someone blocks you, it is not possible to contact the person. Usually, when we make phone calls, we hear the ringtone. After a certain period, the phone is diverted to the voicemail box, automatically.

But when you are blocked, you will directly be forwarded to the voicemailbox. That is the difference. In other words, you would be unable to reach the person you are calling through your phone.

What do callers hear when they are blocked?

When someone is blocked, they will hear a single ringtone beep and then the call will be forwarded to voicemail. However, you may also hear some beep tones before the connection is disconnected. It is the standard procedure when someone is blocked.

Before the call is directed to the voicemailbox, they may hear a single ringtone.

How do you know if someone has blocked your number on Android?

If you are blocked on someone’s list and using android, you need to make a phone call first. As the other person blocked you, your call will be directed to the voicemailbox number. Now, listen to the voicemailbox message.

As you are blocked, the voicemailbox record will say that the number is not available or unavailable. By listening to this message, you will get confirmation that you are blocked.

How do u know if someone’s phone is turned off?

To know this, you need to make a phone call. If the phone number is switched off, the subscriber will send you a voice message that the phone is turned off.

However, it may happen for different reasons. The battery may run out or the intended person is out of network coverage, among others.

What happens when you call a number that doesn’t exist?

What happens when you call a number that doesn't exist

You cannot dial a number that does not exist. The phone service provider will send you a message about this. Also, there are some dialing assistants, especially on iPhones. If you press the wrong number, it will show that the number is not functional.

Does the number not Recognised mean blocked?

Well. There might be two facts – the number is wrong, or the number is not active or activated before.

It happens when you enter a couple of more digits or press any wrong number while dialing. So, the best practice is to check the number before you dial.

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