How to crack privacy protection password for beginners?

“All human beings have three lives: public, private, and secret” – said Gabriel García Márquez. Yes, he was true, indeed. We all have to undergo the three portions of life. And it is most important when we use mobile phones. Do you know the reason? It’s all about privacy. You are truly under threat if … Read more

How to see the unsend message on messenger?

“My deleted words on messenger know what I wrote” – it’s a popular saying. Yes, this is true for many of us. At times, we write something on Messenger and remove them without sending it. Why does it happen? Because our minds are unstable. But at times, we want to get back what we wrote. … Read more

How to see clipboard history on mac?

In order to find clipboard history on a Mac, you have to click on the Finder of your device. From there, select the Show Clipboard option. Now, it will show you the items saved on the clipboard of your Mac. Using Mac renders a great feeling for the users. It arrives with lots of appealing … Read more

How To See Clipboard History On iPhone?

You cannot see the clipboard history on your iPhone. But there is an option to see the latest saved item by pasting it on Notes. Open Notes and tap on it. From the options, tap on the paste option. It will paste the last saved data on the clipboard to your screen. Seeing the clipboard … Read more

How to remove taboola news from android phone?

Taboola gets installed with other software on a photo. So, if you want to remove it, you have to disable the app from your Android phone’s Settings option. After entering the Settings section, go to Privacy and security and then find Taboola. Now, disable the app. It will not disturb you anymore. Taboola is an … Read more

How to remove scribbles on a screenshot?

Removing scribbles on a screenshot depends on several factors. The first thing is the position of the scribble. Next, you have to apply a clone tool to remove the scribble. Scribbles are some random and thoughtless marks. They are used for various reasons. First of all, when someone wants to cover something, scribbles are the … Read more

How To Remove Scribbles On A Screenshot iPhone

Sensitive information is scribbled for protection. But you can remove the scribble using the basic editing tool on your device, especially an iPhone. Scribbles are some marks to hide any private or sensitive information. People apply the scribbles mostly on images while sending others. So, the receiver is unable to see what is behind the … Read more

How to mirror yahoo sports app to tv for beginners?

“You may win. You may lose. But you need to learn to accept.” This is a precious saying for sports. But at times, we are unable to participate in sports directly. Then we enjoy it by watching. And watching on television is the most prominent way for the sports lover. Mirroring a match on television … Read more

how to know if someone on snapchat is real?

Do you really know the key benefits of using Snapchat? It was meant for photo sharing. But at present, the use of this app is diversified. It is used for several purposes. So, it is truly difficult to find who is a real user and who is not. Thereby, lots of people search to know … Read more