What Browser Comes with Windows? Find Out Now!

The Windows operating system comes with Microsoft Edge browser. Microsoft Edge is designed for faster and safer browsing, with advanced security and privacy features.

The Edge browser was introduced in 2015 and has since been the default browser for Windows 10. It replaced Microsoft’s earlier browser, Internet Explorer, after years of rivalry with Google’s Chrome and Mozilla’s Firefox. Edge is optimized to work seamlessly with Windows 10, offering advanced features like Cortana integration, taskbar previews, and handwriting support.

It also includes built-in security features, like Microsoft Defender SmartScreen and Tracking Prevention, that protect users from malicious websites and online threats. Overall, Edge offers a browsing experience that is fast, reliable, and secure, making it a popular choice for users of the Windows operating system.

What Browser Comes with Windows? Find Out Now!

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What Is Windows Browser?

Windows operating system comes with a default browser called Microsoft Edge that replaced Internet Explorer. It was first introduced in 2015 with the release of Windows 10. Microsoft Edge is a fast and secure browser that supports extensions and has numerous features.

Description of Windows Browser Features of Microsoft Edge
Microsoft Edge is a default browser that comes with Windows operating system. Microsoft Edge has advanced security features to protect against malware and phishing attacks. It has a Reading mode feature that allows users to read in a clutter-free environment.
Microsoft Edge is a lightweight browser compared to Chrome and Firefox. Microsoft Edge supports Cortana integration and allows users to annotate web pages, which is helpful for research purposes. It also has a built-in PDF reader.
Microsoft Edge has a user-friendly interface with easy navigation options. Microsoft Edge has a feature to continue browsing on other devices such as smartphones and tablets. It also has support for 4K streaming and Dolby Audio.

With continuous updates and improvements, Microsoft Edge has become a preferred browser for Windows users around the world.

What Browser Comes with Windows? Find Out Now!

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Alternatives To Windows Browser

Windows operating system comes with Microsoft Edge, as its default browser. However, there are several alternatives to Windows browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, and Safari that you can consider for a different browsing experience.

Browsers are a crucial part of internet surfing. Windows Operating System comes with its default browser – Internet Explorer or Edge depending on the version. However, users can try others as well. Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Opera are popular alternatives to Windows browsers.

Google developed Chrome and is known for its speed and stability. Mozilla’s Firefox is known for its security. Apple’s Safari browser comes with Mac OS and is also available for Windows. Opera is also a reliable option with features like ad-blocker, free VPN, and battery saver mode. These browsers have unique features and offer a good browsing experience.

Browser Name Developer Features
Chrome Google Fast and stable browsing
Firefox Mozilla Secure and private browsing
Safari Apple Integrated with Apple ecosystem
Opera Opera Software Ad-blocker, VPN, battery saver

How To Change Your Default Browser On Windows

Windows Operating System has Microsoft Edge as its default browser. For users who prefer to use other browsers such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or Safari, changing the default browser is easy. Here is a Step by Step Guide to help you in changing your default browser on your Windows Operating System:

  1. Open the Settings app on your Windows PC.
  2. Click on Apps from the list of options displayed.
  3. Select Default apps from the options displayed on the left side of the screen.
  4. Under the Web browser section, click on the currently set browser.
  5. Select your preferred web browser from the list of options displayed and click on it.

And that’s it! Your preferred browser is now set as your default browser on your Windows Operating System. This simple process will save your time & make your browsing experience more enjoyable.

What Browser Comes with Windows? Find Out Now!

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Frequently Asked Questions For What Browser Comes With The Windows Operating System

Which Browser Is Included With The Windows Operating System?

The Microsoft Edge web browser is included with the Windows operating system.

What Is The Default Browser That Comes With Windows?

Microsoft Edge is the default browser that comes with Windows.

What Is The Inbuilt Browser In Windows?

The inbuilt browser in Windows is Microsoft Edge. It’s a fast, secure and user-friendly browser that comes with advanced features, including built-in privacy and security tools, custom search engine, and a reading mode. It’s available for Windows 10, 8. 1, 8, and 7, and can also be downloaded on other platforms.

Does Windows 10 Come With A Browser?

Yes, Windows 10 comes with Microsoft Edge, a default browser. It replaced Internet Explorer as the default browser.


As Windows continues to dominate the market share for operating systems worldwide, knowing what browser comes with Windows can save you time, effort, and even enhance your browsing experience. Internet Explorer has been replaced by Microsoft Edge since Windows 10, and with it comes new features and even better browsing speeds.

If you want to stay up to date and maximize your browsing capabilities, Microsoft Edge is the browser for you. So, why wait? Give it a try today!

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