How To Access Clipboard On iPhone?

How to access clipboard history on mac?

To access the clipboard on your iPhone, you need to launch Notes on your device. Now, tap on the add notes section. Then, tap on the screen and now tap on the paste option. It will paste the latest saved item on your iPhone. Using an iPhone has a number of features and flexibilities. But … Read more

Can I See Who Viewed My Videos?

To some extent, this is possible to know who saw your videos on Facebook when you are having a live broadcast. During the broadcast, you can see who is watching your video. But once the live streaming is over, you can see only the number of people who viewed the video, not the profiles. Facebook … Read more

How to find pending posts on Facebook group?

How to see a Facebook group post?

Facebook! A platform that serves almost everyone. One of the wonders of this modern age. And it has a number of benefits. Most people use this social platform for communicating with others. It also serves as a mode of long-distance communication. However, this post will explain how to find pending posts on the Facebook group. … Read more

How many cups is 1 kg of Flour?

Generally, all-purpose flour is used for preparing bakery items across the world. Hence, knowing the measurement of the flour is essential. One kilogram of flour is equal to 8 cups. It is the US standard measurement. However, there might be some variations in other parts of the world. For a perfect mixture, you need to … Read more

How to Cancel Picture Mushroom App?

Cancel Picture Mushroom App

So, you love photography. Particularly you are interested in mushrooms and want to know their variety, right? But at times, it is a troublesome job. So, you need to delete the app that gets the photos. By the way, do you know how to cancel the picture mushroom app? No wonder many of the users … Read more

How to connect a ps4 controller to a kindle fire?

What is Kindle Fire?

I was wondering share how to connect a ps4 controller to a kindle fire. Why? Because it renders an exclusive experience to the users. In fact, the use of a PS4 controller is not limited to gaming alone. Anyone can use the controller for many more purposes if they have the know-how. So, I have … Read more

How much is a ps4 at a pawn shop?

How much will a PS4 sell for at a pawn shop

If you want your PlayStation 4 to submit at any pawn shop, the price will vary. It depends on the model of your PlayStation, conditions, and more. The shop will determine the value and then will pay you. Roughly, the price of a PlayStation 4 will be $150. However, you may also get more based … Read more

How to add someone on live Instagram?

How to add someone to your live on Instagram?

Adding someone on Instagram live is simple. You need to send an invitation to the person you want to add to the live streaming. And simultaneously, the person needs to accept the invitation. When both acts are completed, the other person will be live with you on Instagram. Now, Instagram’s live streaming feature is getting … Read more