How to Change Apple ID Email Address On iPhone?

Often your Apple ID causes trouble. Forgetting passwords, and using a single email for several IDs – are some of the common issues.

But they are not big deals if you know How to Change your Apple ID Email Address On your iPhone.

In fact, an Apple ID and email are interrelated. You cannot run the ID without an email. And at times, you may need to change the email for some other purposes.

I am here with the post to help you out. In this post, you will get a complete idea to change the email ID. Using your phone, smoothly you can do that.

What is Apple ID?

In brief, an Apple ID is like a key to enter into the kingdom of Apple. The ID unlocks the virtual world of Apple.

What is Apple ID

Using the Apple Id, you can get content from the App Store. Also, you can get services from iCloud or can use FaceTime and more.

For instance, if you want to download anything from the App Store, you need to use the ID. Otherwise, you cannot download it.

How to Change Apple ID Email Address On iPhone?

There are several processes available. But the most impressive and simple one is the default process. And you will get a complete set of instructions here.

The process

If you want to change the email on your phone, make sure you have an active internet connection. Then, visit

After landing on the page, click on the Manage Your Apple ID section. Sign in using your Apple ID credentials in the designated space.

Now, you will get several options. But you have to click on the editing panel of your email ID. You can have it from the primary email address section.

Then, place the new email address and save it. You will get a verification mail to the new email address you have entered. Verify it. And log in again. You are done.

Benefits of using Apple ID

Do you know the key benefits of having an Apple ID?

I guess most people use the Apple ID but they are ignorant about the benefits. The first and most important thing is security.

Yes, it is all about the security and safety of your device(s).

When you are using an Apple ID, you are using that for registering in iCloud. And if the iCloud is locked through your Apple ID, it is not possible for anyone to breach inside. In fact, Apple itself cannot penetrate the devices.

In cases of losing the phone or getting it stolen, the other person will not be able to use it. However, you may lose the device, but it will not be usable for anyone else. The devices will be disabled several times for providing the wrong credentials initially. But if the credentials are wrong for more than a certain time, the phone may get disabled for millions of hours.

Last words

Probably, you have a complete idea about the Apple ID and its benefits. Also, this post on How to Change Apple ID Email Address On iPhone has added some insights. However, if still you are in trouble, let us know.

Share your thoughts and ideas in the comment. We will get back to you as fast as possible.

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