How to Add Widgets to Ipad Home Screen Ios 14

To add widgets to iPad home screen on iOS 14, long press on the home screen, tap the plus icon, and select the widget you want to add. Apple’s iOS 14 update features a home screen redesign that allows users to add widgets to their iPad home screen.

With widgets, users can quickly access information, such as the weather, upcoming events, and news, without opening the app. To add a widget, simply long press on the home screen until the apps start wiggling, tap the plus icon, and select the widget you want to add.

You can customize the size of the widget and where it is placed on the home screen. Additionally, you can stack widgets on top of each other to save space. Adding widgets to your iPad home screen is a great way to stay informed and organized.

Accessing Widgets

Adding widgets to your iPad home screen in iOS 14 is a simple process. Access your widgets by holding down on your home screen, tapping the + button, selecting your preferred widget, and placing it onto your home screen.

To access widgets on iPad Home Screen in iOS 14, go to the Home Screen and touch and hold any empty area until the apps jiggle. Then, tap the plus button in the top left corner of the screen. This opens the Widget Library, where you can find widgets for different apps. You can swipe left or right to see the available widgets. When you choose a widget, it will display the widget size options available to you. Smaller widgets will require less space on your screen, while larger widgets may take up more space. To add a widget, tap the ‘Add Widget’ button. You can also drag and drop widgets to different Home Screen pages or onto the Today View to get quick access to the widgets. By using the widget feature on your iPad Home Screen, you can easily access various information and shortcuts at your fingertips.
How to Add Widgets to Ipad Home Screen Ios 14


Customizing Widgets

Customizing widgets in iOS 14 became more accessible than ever before. The latest operating system has provided users with the ultimate privilege of different designs, sizes and shapes, which means you can choose according to your preferences. With these widgets, you can easily check the weather report, watch your favourite YouTube channel’s latest videos, view the latest news, or see your calendar events. As a user, you can resize these widgets depending on what you need and how you want to view it on your home screen. If you are not happy with your widget stand, you can edit the widget stack options or remove it within seconds. Widgets have made our lives way more flexible than ever before.

Resizing widgets Editing widget stack options Removing widgets
You can long-press the widget, click “Edit Widget,” and adjust the size according to the widget’s preference. If you have a widget stack, you can edit the widget stack from the settings. This will provide you a more convenient and hassle-free work experience. To remove a widget from your home screen, press the button “remove the widget” and enjoy the clutter-free home screen experience.

Creating Smart Stacks

Smart Stacks is a new feature in iPad Home Screen available in iOS 14, which automatically selects the most relevant widget based on your activity. It uses on-device intelligence to show the right widget at the right time.

What are Smart Stacks:

  • Smart Stacks is a feature in iOS 14
  • It utilizes on-device intelligence to show relevant widgets
  • It eliminates the need to swipe through multiple widgets to find your desired one
  • You can create a new stack with multiple widgets by selecting the “+” icon and then selecting the widgets

Customizing Smart Stacks:

  • You can customize the Smart Stack by tapping and holding the stack, then selecting “Edit Stack”.
  • You can change the order of the widgets or remove them altogether.
  • To add more widgets to the stack, tap the “+” icon and select them.
  • To remove the Smart Stack, tap and hold it and then select “Remove Stack”.

Smart Stacks feature can significantly improve your productivity, as it saves time by showing the relevant widget when you need it. Moreover, you can customize the widget stack according to your needs.

How to Add Widgets to Ipad Home Screen Ios 14


Best Practices For Adding Widgets

Adding widgets to the iPad home screen is an excellent way to keep your most-used applications organized and easily accessible. Follow these best practices to make the most out of your widgets:

  • Optimizing Widget Layouts: Place widgets in the order of their usage frequency. Move the less frequently used widgets to the next page to avoid cluttering.
  • Managing Battery Life Consumption: Widgets can consume battery life if they are frequently updated with live data. Use only essential widgets and disable the ‘Most Recent’ option in the Clock widget.

Advanced Widget Tips

If you find the standard widget options on your iPad home screen lacking, it may be time to start creating custom widgets to better suit your needs. One option is to create custom stacks, which allow you to group multiple widgets into a single widget that you can easily scroll through. Additionally, you can create custom shortcuts to launch specific functions or apps right from your home screen. To create custom widgets and shortcuts, simply tap and hold on the home screen, select the “+” icon, and choose “Widget” or “Shortcut” from the options.

How to Add Widgets to Ipad Home Screen Ios 14



Adding widgets to your iPad home screen might seem intimidating at first, but it’s actually a pretty simple process once you get the hang of it. With iOS 14, Apple has made it easier than ever to customize your home screen, and adding widgets is just the beginning.

By following the steps outlined in this guide, you’ll be able to personalize your iPad and make it truly yours. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different widgets and layouts until you find the perfect setup that works for you.

Happy widget-ing!

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