10 Easy Steps to Fix Error Code 0X8002801C on Windows 10

To fix error code 0x8002801c in Windows 10, register VBScript.dll and jscript.dll using Command Prompt. Open Command Prompt as an administrator, type “regsvr32 VBScript.dll” and press Enter.

Then type “regsvr32 jscript. dll” and press Enter. This should resolve the error. Error code 0x8002801c is a common issue on Windows 10 that can occur due to corrupt files, missing or damaged registry settings, or outdated drivers. When this error occurs, it prevents users from registering DLL files, making it difficult to install software or perform some tasks.

However, fixing this error is a straightforward process that can be done through a few simple steps. We will guide you through the steps on how to fix error code 0x8002801c in Windows 10 and get your system back to working order.

10 Easy Steps to Fix Error Code 0X8002801C on Windows 10

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10 Easy Steps to Fix Error Code 0X8002801C on Windows 10

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Frequently Asked Questions Of How To Fix Error Code 0x8002801c In Windows 10 Steps

How Do I Fix Windows Stopcode Error?

To fix a Windows stopcode error, you can try restarting your computer, checking for software updates and hardware issues, running a virus scan, and disabling any recently installed programs or devices. It’s important to backup your important data before attempting any fixes.

If the error persists, seek help from a technical expert.

What Is Error Code 0x8002801c In Windows 10?

Error code 0X8002801C is a common Windows 10 error which occurs when the system fails to register certain DLL files.

What Are The Reasons Behind This Error?

The error usually occurs due to corrupted system files, outdated drivers, outdated system software, or malware infections.

How Can I Fix Error Code 0x8002801c In Windows 10?

You can fix the error by running the System File Checker or SFC scan, updating your Windows 10, installing the latest drivers, and scanning your system with anti-malware software.


Resolving error code 0X8002801C in Windows 10 is possible by following the steps mentioned above. Regularly updating and maintaining the system can prevent such errors from occurring. It is essential to understand the root cause of the error, which can be due to corrupt files or registry issues.

Using troubleshooting methods and seeking professional help can also prove to be useful in solving such errors. By taking appropriate actions, one can ensure their system runs smoothly and efficiently.

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