How to Delete Synced Photos from iPhone?

How to delete synced photos from your iPhone

Photography using iPhone is simple. But do you know what the toughest task after taking a photo is? I know you are wondering. In fact, deleting a photo is the toughest task – provided the photo is synced. If you are using an iPhone, you will realize the matter. And this brief guide on how … Read more

How to Play PS3 Games in 1080p?

What is the relation of pixels in video gaming?

Do you know how to play ps3 games in 1080p? Well. Don’t worry if you are unaware of this process. In fact, if you have a 1080p resolution on your screen, the gaming experience would be better. Many gamers allege low resolution on their screens. Why does it happen? And how to solve all such … Read more

How to Use A PS3 Controller on PS4?

How to play ps3 games in 1080p?

Of course, video gaming is an art. But not everyone is an artist. In fact, it takes years of experience and perseverance to become an artist. And when it is to play PS3, it is a bit difficult, indeed. However, do not worry. This post won’t render tips on becoming an artist. Instead, you will … Read more

How to Enable Do Not Disturb Mode On iPhone?

What is DND

Responding to phone calls often is irritating, aren’t they? Yes. Many of my readers will agree with this particular issue. For instance, you are sleeping after a hefty day. And someone makes the phone call after midnight to chat. Or you get a notification of an unwanted message. But if you know How to Enable … Read more

How Do You Reset A Residential Elevator?

To reset a residential elevator, you will need to press the release lever. The lever will release the cab alongside opening the door. Usually, the release lever is found in the machine room of the elevator. You have to pull the lever, and it will release the elevator from the stuck position. Almost everyone is … Read more

How to Delete Messages on Tinder Without Unmatching?

What is Tinder?

Being social is more important than doing social. Yes, this is a true statement. But at times, most people engage on their social media profiles to do social activities in the virtual world. However, that becomes irritating for some. So, they want to get rid of those “social” activities. Deleting messages is one of the … Read more

A Complete iPhone X Review You Must Know

A Complete iPhone X Review You Must Know Apple always tries to add some innovations while delivering its products. This time, iPhone X is not an exception. The device arrives with a special and sleek design for the users. Changing the overall outlook was a risky move for Apple, indeed. In fact, iPhone users are … Read more

What Does It Mean If The Subscriber Cannot Be Reached?

What happens when you call a number that doesn't exist

When you find a subscriber (or mobile phone user) cannot be reached, it means the user’s phone is not active. Let’s get a complete explanation. When someone dials the phone number for any other person, they may hear this recorded speech. It means either they have switched off their phones, or they are out of … Read more

How to Download Telegram on firestick?

What is a firestick

Do you know how many people you lack the idea to make communication effective? Well. You don’t have an idea. Me neither. So, this is a great concern for many. But with time, we have improved communication channels. Even, we can make communication happen sitting in our living room. You need – a telegram app … Read more