WhatsApp Not Working on iPhone or iPad?

Undoubtedly, WhatsApp is a great communication tool. In fact, it makes communication easier. Oftentimes, you may feel hard to reach your friends on the phone or via other tools. But WhatsApp is a bit special.

But at times, it may also create trouble. Do you know what to do when WhatsApp Not Working on iPhone or iPad?

Remember – where there is a problem, there is a solution. And, I can bet many of my readers are unaware of the matter. So, if you are facing trouble with this communication app, follow the steps here. They will guide you to get the right solution.

So, let’s have a closer look.

What is WhatsApp?

This point may appear silly. But the explanations here could be convenient.

What does it take to make a phone call?

What is WhatsApp?

Of course, you will need an active SIM card, and some credit on the card to make the call. Besides, the call tariff differs based on the service providers.

But WhatsApp is a completely different communication tool. It works like a phone but you need no SIM card or balance. Instead, you need an active internet connection.

The other interesting factors are that you can make video calls and send messages, as well. And you know – they are for free. You can have voice and video calls as long as you want.

WhatsApp Not Working on iPhone or iPad – the fixes

Figuring out the exact reason is not possible when WhatsApp stops working. But you can try some potential tricks. Probably, they will help you out to some extent.

App restarting

The first thing you can do is restart your WhatsApp. As the key reason is yet to be discovered, this tweak could be of great help.

Close the app. Make sure, it is also closed from the background. Slide the phone to check the background apps. Close all of them.

Now, relaunch WhatsApp on your iPhone. If there are any technical glitches, the restart will remove those. And the app will work fine.

Restarting the phone

At the same time, you can also restart your device. You know, we use smartphones all the time. So, they may not function properly. Smartphones are widely used for browsing the internet, playing video games, and more.

Hence, there might be bugs or software glitches.

But if you restart the phone, it will refresh the operating system. In this way, WhatsApp will start performing.

Reinstall the app

Alternatively, you can restart the app on your phone. If your WhatsApp malfunctions, you need to delete it. And then, restart.

Press and hold on to the WhatsApp icon on the iPhone. Now, tap on the cross mark. It will remove the app from your phone.

Go to the App Store. Search the app and install it.

Then, log in providing the necessary credentials. Hopefully, the app will start working this time.

Update the app

Besides, the problem may also happen for the mismatch between the hardware and software. If you update the app, it may solve the crisis.

In order to check the update, visit the App Store. Next, tap on the account section and check if there are any updates available for your installed apps.

The WhatsApp update will be available if you are using an outdated version. The outdated version might be hampering the smooth functioning of your app.

So, update it. Don’t worry – there would be no harm to your chat history and other details like contacts in the app.

Last words

Probably, the WhatsApp Not Working on iPhone or iPad will be fixed successfully. However, if still you are in trouble, let us know the facts. Use the comment section below and we will get back to you as fast as we can.

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